Three Amazingly Simple and Easy to Learn Coding School Programs

Free website themes, phone apps, plug-ins, site modules, and other coding is widely available on the internet, but finding the right seamless design that is up to date and works flawlessly the way you want it to can take hours of your time. Sadly, once many website owners find a paid or free theme or app code they like, the developer seems to fall off the charts with support or updates to keep the code free of security breaches or up to date with current web languages.

Learn Coding

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By learning to code with the three easy to follow programs below, you can go about designing your own amazing and simple website design or app to a part time hobby or full time income as a coder. The following three schools have amazingly simple and easy to learn tutorials, tests, and certification courses to get you jump started on a hobby or a career in the scripting field of your choice, including for CSS, Electives Path, Git Path, HTML, iOS Path, JavaScript, JQuery, PHP, Ruby Path, and SQL.

Team Treehouse

An online training portal, Team Tree House is ready to help you learn entry level skills in web development. For just $25 per month for basic and $49 per month for Pro, you can easily access a plethora of design coding in the form of visual design videos is a great value for a low cost. Team Tree House is constantly growing and building a team with new ideas, tips, tools, regularly updated coding languages, and techniques to give you the right learning modules for your learning style. Team Tree house covers basic learning scripts such as Android, Business, CSS, Design, Developer, HTML, iOS, JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, and WordPress.

Code School

An online learning destination of intermediary aspiring design, development, Code School teaches through entertaining, educational videos and modules to build a creative storyline. With Code School you feel like you are playing a game since they combine mechanics, video instruction, challenges, and interactive modules to make the learning process feel both challenging and rewarding.

With over 40 courses, Code School covers intermediate courses and covers CSS, Git, HTML, iOS, and Javascript taught by an ever growing community of instructors and member teams. A Plural Sight company, Code School makes learning as fun as gaming.


Best described as the place where those seeking advanced self-taught learning go to become leaders, W3School is a free to learn, pay to be certified online environment. W3School focuses on simplicity and hands-on learning with their code and see form fields that provide straightforward learning tools. While W3School does have beginner modules, they are better suited to intermediate designers looking to move to an advanced field and become certified due to the extreme hands-on approach without video visuals to lead learners by hand.

The upside is that W3 is completely and 100% free up until you desire a certification in your desired coding field. To get certified you simply need to complete a certain number of hours on the learning modules and then pay a one time fee to take an online test and receive your certification. W3School covers all the basic and most widely recognised web developers’ code languages such as CSS, HTML, JavaScript. JQuery, PHP, SQL, and many more.

Learn Coding At Your Pace

The nice thing about all of these top notch developer coding schools is that you can learn coding at your own pace, from any device, on the go. With most educational courses you are required to attend a set classroom and lab time, but with online courses available on any Wi-Fi powered device you can take your classroom anywhere and fit learning design languages into your already busy lifestyle in any spare moment you need to.

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