Instagram is the best app for sharing your photos and videos today and it has become a favorite of bloggers, too. Instagram has also added a new feature of allowing you to go live. However, Instagram is still famous for its photo sharing ability. If you want to work on improving your Instagram feed, check out these tips:

  1. Use natural light

Lighting creates a great impact in photography. It is always best to take photos when the sun is out. Take advantage of the presence of sunrays and play with it through your shots.

  1. Do simple edits

Using photo editing tools should be limited. Snapseed should be used by Instagram users. It is by far the favorite tool for Instagram addicts. Don’t overdo your edits because it can turn the photo unrealistic. Remember, your aim is to show your followers your beautiful shot.

  1. Invest in good lens

Your phone may be the best in town but, a good lens can help greatly improve your photos. Eventually, your followers would notice a huge change in your feed. If you don’t feel the need for a lens accessory, at the very least you should clean the lens of your phone prior to snapping photos. The cleaning should be done by the user.

  1. Focus

The focus feature in the camera should be utilized by the one taking photos. Do this by touching the screen on your phone on where you want to emphasize your shot.

  1. Shoot in various angles

Don’t be afraid to take many photos because there can never be too many photos. Also, try something different every time you take a snap. Select your best shot and get your audience excited. is a great way of showcasing your photos through numerous followers.

  1. Props are helpful

The objects surrounding your subject can be very useful to enhance your photo. A wonderful backdrop plus some props would complete a wonderful photo. You’d be surprised that you’re not only capturing a photo but, telling a story through a still photo.

  1. Practice makes perfect

Of course, a professional was once an amateur. So, grab that camera and take countless photos.

  1. Consistency is key

Be consistent with what you want to show to your audience. The key to getting more engagements is to be consistent with your flow of photos. Vibbi helps you increase your engagement on Instagram. If your  feed is focused on black and white photos, avoid posting colored ones as it can destroy your standard feed.

  1. Get to know your phone’s camera features

What good is a camera if you don’t know how to use it. Before taking shots, make sure that you have read the manual of your camera on how to navigate its settings.

  1. Capture moments

Create great photos with precious moments. Capturing emotions can be a challenge but, it is doable. Make sure that your photos can draw attention to your followers. helps you grow your Instagram followers.

Overall, everyone has his unique way of taking photographs. Following these tips can help you achieve in capturing excellent photos for your Instagram feed. Moreover, you can always make a twist and add your own style. A perfect photo needs a great subject, an awesome camera, and of course, a wonderful story to tell.

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