This is clearly the digital age. There isn’t a single industry that’s been untouched by the digital revolution. Business, work, and relationships have all been transformed as digital screens have proliferated all around us.

Basic computer skills are now survival tools for everyone. Here are the five skills you should try to master regardless of where you work or what your job requires:


Everyone should know the basics of creating and hosting a simple website. In fact, business titans like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and Mark Zuckerberg believe coding is the single most important skill to master. HTML and CSS are the first step on your coding journey and there are many online courses to get you started.

2. Basic Design

Basic Photoshop and video editing skills are invaluable. You never know when you have to make minor edits to your personal or professional photos or need to create a video to better represent yourself and your business. You might not have to use Photoshop or Final Cut Pro regularly, but it doesn’t hurt to know the basics. If you start getting interested you can take things further by signing up for a course, such as the digital design course at JMC Academy.

3. Social Media Marketing

No matter what you’re looking for, you’re likely to find it on a social media platform. If you run a business, your customers will find you through Twitter. If you’re seeking a relationship or a new employer, you can try Facebook or LinkedIn respectively. Consider the fact that 45% of companies now screen the social streams of candidates before they’re hired, and you can see why this skill is so crucial. You need to understand the basics of personal branding and apply your marketing skills on a social platform that aligns with your goals.

4. Online research

From figuring out who to vote for in the next election to finding the perfect spot for your weekend getaway, being able to scour the web for information is a handy skill that everyone should develop. This goes beyond simply learning how to use Google. Try looking past the mainstream search giant and look for information on niche sites like Wolfram Alpha or Google Scholar.

5. Computer security

The frequency and severity of cyberattacks have been growing relentlessly in the past few years. Every internet-connected device is now at risk of viruses, hacks, malware, and spyware. Users need to learn how to protect themselves and their data by applying the right tools. Make sure you know how to avoid phishing emails, backup your data to the cloud, and install a reputed antivirus software on your devices.

These five skills are absolutely essential for everyone. Whether you’re a retiree or a young graduate, they will help you navigate through the modern economy, connect with friends, promote yourself, protect your data, and interact with the government.

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