Modern business is far from being even close to what it used to be when technology was not as advanced as it is today. Traditional ways of engaging customers were far more difficult and rudimental than they are today. If in the past businesses had to go on the field and spread the word, now they can simply create a campaign from the comfort of..wherever they are!

Engaging your customers means maintaining a relationship with them that is based on trust, shared values, and reciprocity. Doing so leads to creating a business-customer relationship that not only lasts, but also brings value to both parties.

With flok, all of these are tremendously easy to achieve. The application allows customers to collect points that brings them prizes, using a loyalty card app. It is the proof that modern technology is the best way to keep your customers engaged.

However, equally important as keeping clients interested is sharing updates with them; this way, they get to see that the company is growing and present on the market and in their lives. Clients need to have a visualization of the company’s activity so that they don’t even think about taking their business someplace else.

A good way of doing so is sending emails, posting updates on social media platforms, and using the chat that flok provides. In addition to this, the push notification tool that flok has allows sending important information with the smallest possible effort.

Because you want your clients to be your company’s best friends, you want to keep communication at the highest possible level. Everyone enjoys a little attention from their favourite company or brand after all.

With flok, this part gets easier, too. Why? Because flok has found a combination of personalized messages and push notifications that not only make customers happy on their birthday, but also thanks them for their recent visit or purchase. At the same time, it allows you to monitor your customers’ activity, which results in a better visualization in terms of trends and demographics. No matter how you put it, it’s a win-win kind of opportunity.

There is also something else that needs to be taken into consideration: trust. It represents the most important aspect of the bond with the customers. A client who trusts you will not only come back, but may even bring a friend along and recommend you to other people. Any customer researches the market before making their choice; this is why you need to make sure that you are the best.

With this in mind, it is important to mention that flok also helps you reach new audiences; this is another highly important reason why being present and communicative is highly important.

Companies use different social media platforms and apps in order to find the best option to keep their clients engaged; that’s because an engaged customer is a valuable asset to any business, especially if it is local.

With this being said, keeping your clients engaged should be one of the top priorities as a local business. If clients see a lot of activity from the company’s end, they will be more likely to make a purchase. Combining all the features that flok has, consumers will always be updated and have a fresh image of their brand in mind at all times.

And..what better way to attract and retain customers than to surprise them with gifts and special offers? With flok, clients will always be in the spotlight. You get to choose a number of punches, and when they complete the punch card, they get a reward that you previously chose. More than that, unlike paper ones customers’ carry in their wallets, this punch card app can never get lost.

flok even offers a gadget called The Beacon. It is a wireless design that sends a welcome message to customers’ as they enter your store. This way, they will always feel welcome and feel that their presence is appreciated.

What is tremendously important is to offer value in exchange for customers’ attention. If, as a business, you succeed in maintain your clients’ attention, then you are doing the right thing. A customer who is paying attention is, therefore, engaged with the company’s activity, goals, and shared values. It leads to creating a community of people who appreciate the same things, and share the same passions and values.

With flok, any business can create a community in which customers not only engage with the company, therefore leading to purchases, but also engage with each other, creating endless possibilities for both sides. People seek to be inspired and receive valuable information, as well as convenience, and flok is the one app that combines everything into one, easy to use tool.

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