In the virtual world, everyone has the power to share what they think, whether on forums, social media, or website comments. In fact, this is the appeal of the internet. The user is not just a passive recipient of information. Rather, he or she has a voice and the ability to be seen and heard.  This opportunity for interaction is priceless when it comes to building an audience for your website.

How do comments help build your audience?

Engages users

When a visitor takes the time to write a comment, it makes them feel that they are part of your site. When visitors feel this sense of belonging, they are more likely keep returning to your site. They also monitor what other commenters are saying, so they stay on your site longer. The more users that keep coming back, the larger your audience becomes.

Reinforces your content

Comments are responses from people who read the information on your site. When people believe in what you are saying, their comments will positively reinforce your site and your message. They will help to boost your credibility as an authority in your field, making it easier for you to attract new followers and build your audience.

Attracts different people

On the other hand, comments may also be negative. But even “negative” comments can be positive! First, they provide you with valuable feedback on why certain people don’t like you. Once you know this, then you can work how to make them like you! Second, such comments attract people who would not probably be visiting your site if it had not been for those contrary comments. So even less-than-positive comments can help build your audience.

Fuels discussions

On some websites, the comments section can be interesting on its own due to highly animated exchanges over certain controversial topics. The individuals engaged in these discussions keep on coming back to the site to keep up their side of the conversation and defend their arguments. The more people join in these dialogues, the bigger your audience grows. Sometimes, these long-running discussions also revolve around sharing of information and cooperation.

Responses boost your business

When you take the time to consistently reply to comments, your audience feels that they are important to you. This encourages them and makes it more likely for them to share your site on their own networks. This will widen your audience reach. So make it a point to actively respond to comments as it effectively builds trust. This, in turn, can not only build your audience but can significantly boost your sales as well.

Final Thoughts

The existence of a number of dedicated comment platforms and systems that owners can choose to put on their site attests to the importance of comments to website audiences. Companies are devoting time and resources to making the process easier, more interactive, and more responsive for users. The latest upgrade is the move toward voice and video comments. This will make the conversation feel even more real for website owners and users. With this update, it will be like you will be talking to your visitors face-to-face, further increasing your chances of effectively building your audience.

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