When Should You Opt for Remote DBA Services?

Database operators are quite common in large companies to ensure that the software apps are operating smoothly. However, in the current economic times, it is difficult to maintain an internal dba system and bear the expenses. This is why more and more number of companies is opting to outsource their database administration work. This provides them with a competitive edge to stay ahead in all kinds of application and technological developments. This is where remote dba system comes into play. This is the system which the big companies opt for in order to ensure steady production at reduced expenditure. In fact, in the modern times, the need for a proper database has increased. They also demand proper maintenance. The remote dba are used to keep them efficiently working and updated.

As far as database administration is concerned, it is essential to ensure that a company has all the required data of its apps and users. They also need backup data for the apps and these should easily be retrievable as and when needed. Thus, the dba is responsible solely for organizing, maintaining, implementing and troubleshooting. With the help of remote DBA support, an organization can also enhance the performance and capacity of its database. But the big question is when you should resort to such services. If you have huge databases which are vital to your organization then it is time to contemplate about these services. You need to control expenses on the internal database operation and remote dba is the preferred solution.

1. Did you lose a database administrator recently?

Switching jobs is common in IT sectors and you cannot help it. But you have your requirements as well. What if your team of dba are too tired to afford late nights and weekends? Or the server might crash at the last minute and jeopardize your work. The worst is there is a snag and you have no one to fix it. These are the situations when you feel the need for an outside support. With the help of remote dba support you can allow your internal dba staffs to take a break on weekends or release them from the burden of receiving calls.  Although money is the driving force but perks always appeal to the employees. The chances are that they might stick with you even if others offer them better salary.

2. Your dba is too caught up

This is another probable situation when you might look for alternative services for your databases. Your dba might be too involved in work and cannot find out ample time to look into every issue. There might be too many things to do. This is understandable. Under such circumstances, a remote dba will be of immense help. Your dba team might have too many projects to deal with and a remote one will ease out the work. It will also help him to work more efficiently.

3. Your dba might not be the quite a performer

May be your hiring process went wrong. The person you have employed is not that competent. Initially, he might have proved to be a superstar but with time new problems have aroused and he is not coping well with them. This happens. A dba might be efficient in dealing with certain kinds of issues. An external help might be crucial to resolve such problems easily. The primary advantage of a remote dba system is that their team has people with varied experience. As a result they have the ability to deal with various kinds of problems as well. This will also prove fruitful for your dba as he will get an opportunity to learn new solutions.

4. Your database is critical but without a dedicated dba

Most of the companies today have critical and vast databases. These need experts to maintain them. Your system admin is not really the right man for this job. If you are not paying adequate attention to the databases then that is not a very wise move. You need a specialist to look after the database administration tasks so that your company runs smoothly.

5. Dealing with various databases

It is possible that an efficient dba team might take care of a single Oracle database smoothly. But what happens when another database surfaces. Will it be possible for the team to take care of two databases simultaneously? At this juncture you require a remote dba team which can keep the other database running fit and fine. Your core team will neither be distracted nor will they compromise with the quality of work.

6. You do not have a full time support

It is okay to refer from Google book or resort to a database vendor. But a vendor is not a cost effective option and Google books do not always bail you out. What you need is professional help. The team that you are hiring must be proficient enough to deal with all kinds of problems. A remote dba service will enable you to access experienced personnel who will be there to take care of your database round the clock. They will monitor the database closely and solve the day to day maintenance issues easily. Thus, your work will never get hampered in the process.

7. You have experienced a database crash

You might have recently experienced a crash and your databases are still down. For online businesses this is a huge blow. For them it is necessary that the databases are always up and running. In such situations companies look for alternative help outside their organisation. You need long term and cost effective solutions so that such situations do not arise in future. The remote dba system is a perfect solution to this problem. They too look for long term association with companies.

In the contemporary era it is all about time and efficiency. You have to be there at the correct time, at the correct place. Otherwise, you will lose an opportunity. An enterprise that is aspiring to grow cannot afford to lose chances. Technical glitches are huge turn-offs for IT companies. Thus, they ensure that they are technically sound and remote dba helps them in achieving this end.

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