Why are Memes Made?

Anyone with a Facebook profile knows what a meme is. Every day millions of memes are being shared across Facebook. Some memes are funny, while others are satirical. There are Facebook profiles that are created for the sole purpose of sharing these memes and making them go viral. The best part about these is that anyone can create a meme and upload it for the world to share. Serious meme makers create Facebook pages so that their memes have a wider readership. Visit our site www.memes.com to see some funny memes that have gone viral.

Make Someone Happy

Why do people make memes and then create FB pages to share them? Here’s why.

As a challenge

This is one of the most common reasons for making a meme. For the sheer curiosity of seeing whether a simple photo with a witty catchline can capture the attention of millions and millions of readers across the internet. Memes have actually become pop culture phenomena. Some people just want to be famous for having create a viral meme.

It is political

There are FB pages which share only memes with a political message. Politics in fact, are widely influenced by pop culture opinion. It is very possible that a meme with a message of political satire and humour can spread across millions of users and actually spread a vital political message or a bias or even strengthen a certain form of public opinion. For example, there are many memes of leaders like Obama where the public have either attacked or supported certain policies and decisions.

Spreading awareness

Many create memes to draw attention to current social issues in the world which need to be highlighted. For example, there are memes about genetically modified food, street crime, human rights atrocities committed around the world and so on. Most of the memes are laced with sarcastic humour. This is one way used by people to spread an important message among the public.

Religious purposes

Memes are also used by people to either promote their religion or attack it. Many religious followers create memes to spread ideas about their faith. In a similar way, atheists and other critical thinkers use them to attack fundamental ideas behind God and religion. All this is again done under the guise of humour. There are many religious as well as anti-religious Facebook pages spreading memes of this nature in recent times.

Private jokes

Another reason why people make memes is to have a joke on their friends. If you have some funny or an unflattering picture of your friends, you can make a meme by putting it up with a witty caption. This is one of the most common reasons for making memes recently. You can even put up a picture on a meme forum and ask people to caption it. People usually post these memes from their personal Facebook profiles and not a separate one for memes. However be careful that these personal memes don’t cause any breach of privacy leading to humiliation.

One of the strangest things about memes is that a lot of them have really unremarkable and sometimes even poorly taken photographs. It is the caption that can make all the difference. It has to match the tone and expression of the picture perfectly.

If you are looking to create your own brand of online humour, then the best way to do so is by making a FB page and then releasing your memes under that brand. This way your work will be open to a lot of users who are not even on your friendlist.

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