Why Switch to Android?

Android is the mobile operating system owned and run by Google. It’s the most popular smartphone operating system on the market and there are many different smartphone brands and models which utilize this operating system including HTC, Samsung and LG.

Manufacturers love Android because it is easy to tweak and customize and so they can make the operating system look 100% branded and in keeping with their company style. Android smartphones can look completely different as the manufacturer’s development team can make changes to suit their specific users. If you want an adaptable, sleek and technological advanced phone you should realize it’s time to move to Android.


Many people have already decided that it’s time to sell their old iPhone and switch to Android. Below are some more reasons to convince you as to why you should buy an Android smartphone.

Wide Choice

Anyone who manufactures mobile phones can choose to install the Android operating system for free. Android phones therefore come in all shapes and sizes from the budget-friendly to the extravagantly expensive which gives the buyer lots of choice in the phone to suit their needs. It’s great as you can choose a cheaper model to begin with and upgrade if you get on with the software.

Bigger Screens

Apple has upgraded the size of their screens but they’re still no match for the ‘phablet’ range of smartphones which incorporate screens as large as 4.7 inches. The Samsung Galaxy Note and Note II have screens even larger than this. Bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better but if you’re looking for surprised, great res screens then you need an Android phone.

Highly Customizable

As mentioned Android is especially popular as its highly customizable which means you can easily and quickly change the interface to suit your personal style and you can also edit the layout of your apps and widgets. This customizability is what helps Android phones stand out from the crowd.


The Android phone is the king of multitasking and is much better at running multiple applications than iOS. You can listen to music and browse the web simultaneously as well as playing games or making notes or even sending emails. You can have several apps open and in use at once.

The App Store

Google don’t try and pretend that their Play Store is equal to Apple’s alternative but they do offer a wide range of quality applications and games which keeps them in contention. You can guarantee there is an app for almost every function in the store.

Google Services

Android is packed out with Google applications and services which makes it the perfect option if you already use services such as Google Maps, Gmail and Google Drive. Your smartphone can simply integrate into your life and you can continue as normal with better functionality and accessibility to all your necessary services on the go.

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