One of the biggest challenges when owning a website is driving traffic to it. You might have a great looking site with awesome features, you might be using tools that make it stand out from the crowd and you might have thought about the entire process. You know your goals; you understand the process yet there is something missing: engaged visitors. How about using Wix website builder without programing skills?

You notice that people come on your website yet leave within 2 seconds. Something is off and you want to change that. You want people to scroll through your website, read through it and become a recurrent visitor. However, to achieve this, you have to give something to them. People need to feel like they gain something from the experience that you provide: whether is a freebie, a very useful information or a video that they enjoyed, you need to put something out there that will make them stay and even come back.

For this, Wix Video is the right tool to use. It is well known that people are attracted to motion, and videos offer the best experience for that. Even more, they introduce you to the website’s concept, idea and vision, giving your visitors a great experience that they will remember.

Wix Video provides everything that you need to showcase your videos on your own website. Even more, you can easily create your own video channels and highlight your film, courses, portfolio and so much more!

Implementing Wix Video is FREE and comes with useful, easy to use features that will help you keep your visitors engaged:

  • Showcase your videos – Select the layout and the design that you like most and showcase your videos in a professional way
  • Promote and sell your videos – Make it easy for viewers to watch, purchase and share your videos right from your website
  • Monthly subscriptions – You can let viewers watch your video channels through a monthly subscription option
  • 100% Commission free – You get to collect all the earnings from your viewer subscriptions and purchases
  • Ad-free videos – You viewers will be able to watch your videos without any interruptions
  • Amazing mobile experience – Lets your website look and functions just as good on your viewers’ mobile devices

Plenty of benefits in a tool that has been specifically created for marketers all around the world, and not only! Even more, the support team behind Wix Video is open to suggestions. Furthermore, their customer care and service is always willing to help you in your endeavors, which means that all you need to do is send them your questions.

Here’s what a user of Wix Video had to say:

“This is why WIX is the best! 🙂 I’m so happy to have access to an app like this one! It opens a lot of possibilities for my website and business! THANK YOU SO MUCH!”

Indeed, Wix Video can be a true door opener for many businesses as possibilities are endless and up to your imagination. You can upload videos from YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook and stream them in the highest quality. Even more, you can live stream videos from both YouTube and Facebook directly on your site.

Wix Video also made tracking your success easy as it provides detailed stats. Even more, you can even sync your YouTube feed so that your content is always fresh and updated, providing consistency and quality to your brand.

With this in mind, you can’t help but get excited of all the possibilities that Wix Video unlocks for your business. It is one of the marketing tools that will not only catch your viewers’ attention, but also make them stay and come back for more.

You will now have the time to focus on improving your business, creating new ideas and exploring new areas, as Wix Video will become your personal assistant when it comes to keeping visitors on your website. So, are you ready to take your website to the next level?

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