25 Fabulous Nail Art Designs

There are several types of artworks out there wanting to be shared, flaunted, appreciated and most of all be an inspiration for others. Creating a nail art is really an art and it needs patience and lots of creativity to create a masterpiece.

Nail art is one of the latest crazes among youngsters nowadays. They can pick or choose any design they want that suits their preferences and their lifestyle. Hence, most of girl teenagers are spending their time at a nail salon.

It is a good way to brighten up your everyday appearance or embellish a special occasion getup. Should you be one of those who got the passion for Nails Arts, here goes a fabulous nail art designs to inspire you for your next set of nail styles.

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1. Invader Zim-Gir nail Art

Invader Zim-Gir nail Art

2. Alberi Innevati Nail Art

Alberi Innevati Nail Art

3. Valentine’s day nail art 3

Valentine's day nail art 3

4. Leopard (nail art, műköröm)

Leopard (nail art, műköröm)

5. “Or RougeNoir” Water Cracklé Nail Art

Or RougeNoir Water Cracklé Nail Art

6. New year nail-art 2

New year nail-art 2

7. Face nail 1 improved

Face nail 1 improved



9. Nail art 57

Nail art 57

10. Batman Nail Art

Batman Nail Art

11. Retinal Hazard Nail Art – Result

Retinal Hazard Nail Art - Result

12. The witch’s nail art I

The witch's nail art I

13. Nail Art 20

Nail Art 20

14. Il Mare e la Notte Nail Art

Il Mare e la Notte Nail Art

15. Gerudo nail art

Gerudo nail art

16. Labyrinthine Nail Art – Step 4 Main Colours

Labyrinthine Nail Art - Step 4 Main Colours

17. Demon King Ganondorf nail art

Demon King Ganondorf nail art

18. Japanese Nail Art

Japanese Nail Art

19. Nail Art 17

Nail Art 17

20. Vamos de Nail Art

Vamos de Nail Art

21. Spring Nail Art

Spring Nail Art

22. Day of the Dead Nail Art

Day of the Dead Nail Art

23. Chain Nail Art

Chain Nail Art

24. Beetle Nails #2

Beetle Nails #2

25. Strawberry Nail Art

IS Strawberry Nail Art

Hope this post help u & give  you newest nail art idea for your nails. if you like this post than do not forget to like & give comment.

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