From Platforms to Proposals: 4 Tips for Business Web Design

In the past, web design was an underutilized necessity. Many companies relied on the “splendor” of the internet to draw customers in, instead of utilizing their company’s strengths and reputation. Unfortunately, the modern consumer only spends roughly 5 seconds looking at your website. This means you have barely 5 seconds to make an impression before they hit the back button.

What is your site saying about your business in 5 seconds? Does it communicate trust, stability and forward-thinking? Or does it seem stuck in the past with a poor grasp of technology? Web design can make or break your business and get you on the fast track to customer solutions. Included here are a few tips for business web design that can increase your clientele and boost revenue.

Be Succinct

Writing and marketing that is clear and to the point is much more successful at generating reader interest than large blocks of text with ambiguous meanings. Utilizing blank space and small pieces of text can generate interest and keep them from clicking the back button. Applying this method to your web page is fairly simple.

You should be able to sum up your company’s mission in about one sentence and allow that to be forefront on the page. Additionally, information about what your company does and supplies should be clear and to the point. Remember, everything should be readable in only a few seconds!


Any good businessman knows that a call-to-action is critical to the success of your site. A call-to-action is simply a marketing technique that causes readers to become more involved and pursue the company. An example would be a button on the page that states “contact us,” or “free quotes,” etc.

Stay Up-to-Date

One of the only things more damaging than lacking an online presence, is failing to maintain one. Businesses that create web pages only to leave them neglected and dated create a terrible first impression for potential clients. Your lack of interest in maintaining a site could be indicative of your business practices and damage your bottom line.

If you find you are unable to spend time each week updating your web page, it may be time to hire a part-time media manager. Many people are able to maintain your online presence with just a few hours each week working from home. They can even do ghostwriting for your blog to keep material fresh and interesting for prospective clients.

Be Navigable

Web pages that are overrun with text and buttons can be overwhelming to clients and they will be clicking out of your page faster than you can say “stop!” You must make sure your site is easily navigable and your clients don’t have to have a degree to find your contact info. Everything should be clear and concise on the first page leading to a user-friendly experience.