As a startup business it’s hard to have a big advertising budget and we would like to offer you a few guidelines for creating a high-converting landing page. Small biz owners must be creative, determined and compelling when promoting their business. The good news is that there are plenty of useful marketing methods that will generate great results for your business without costing you a dime. Another solution is use website builder for this.


1. Start being creative

One of the first impact, on your client, is the design of the landing page. Start using your imagination in creating it, because you’re the only person that knows the benefits of your products/ services.

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2. Use professional photography for your products/ services

If you plan to promote your business, you need to create a positive impact for each client that visits your website. The best way to do that is to have professional photos for your products/ services, this way you can improve your overall website design significantly.

3. Think big, design big

Even if you want to need a landing page and not a complex website, make sure that page looks amazing. The best way to do it is to make it big. Doesn’t matter if you put a single product/ service there, just think big.

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4. Social Sharing

These days, everything happens online and on social networks, like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google or Instagram. They are a must in your online strategy and presence.


Make sure you integrate social buttons in your landing page, to give people the opportunity to share it with their friends.

5. You have an exceptional product or service

Make sure you write your content in a way that will allow your clients to see the benefits of buying from you or working with you. As we already said, you are the only person that knows your product or service the best.

6. Give life to your products

Create individual pages for each product and bring them to life with animations, complete details of it, in a way that you will let your customers will realize that they need that item.

It’s a good idea to create attractive newsletters and send mass emails. Perfect for announcing a sale, promoting a new product or reaching out to customers. Wix ShoutOut, Wix’ e-mail marketing service, has a Wix drag’n’drop editor making it easy to customize colors, fonts and pictures in every newsletter.

7. Reviews or Testimonials

Let your clients tell everyone how great your product is by activating reviews or testimonials on the product page. This way, you are not the only one that believes in the quality and the usability of your products. The next steps are about how you can gain the best exposure with your landing page, and with your own website as well.

8. SEO Optimization

After the many changes that Google has done with regards to website ranking, you need to know that the quality of your content and the way your clients interact with your landing page, represents about 80% of the process. This is way you need to make your page simple to use and easy to understand for everyone.

9. Keyword focus

Make sure you search for your competitors and see how they rank and for what keywords. This step is needed to make sure you choose the best keywords for your website and make sure you will not choose only the keywords with the higher competition, but also target some custom combinations for you.

10. Search Engine Index

After you make your website live, make sure you start letting the search engines, like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc., know that you are here. First step is to search “free index services” online and enter on a few of website, where you will have the possibility to submit your link.

11. Brand Management

Make sure you create a professional image for your business, by having a representative and high quality logo and active social networking account. People are more open to try something, if they see others talking about it.


Also, the quality of your online image will reflect on the quality of your products/ services.

12. High Quality Backlinks

Another important part of the ranking process is creating high quality backlinks for your website and because we want to give you the low cost option for this, the best way to do it, is by creating press releases. You can find some good options by doing a search for “free press release services” and browse to the results for a list will a lot of press release websites.