When it comes to web design, big business sites have a bit more of a challenge than smaller outfits. There’s more data, more clients, higher expectations, greater overhead – the list goes on. And that’s why it’s important that those details are taken care of more specifically. Especially because of the higher bar of quality, even small mistakes make the whole company look bad.

So when it comes to things like the company event calendar, the contacts page, client review highlights, mixed media potential, and overall responsiveness of design – the webmaster is going to have to make sure that those things are on point from initiation to completion.

The Events Calendar

Especially for large corporations, putting together an events calendar is vital. This is the way not only for internal measures to be communicated in sync, but also to show external browsers a list of things going on that updates the company’s profile. Obviously, these calendars will either be private or public based on content, but making sure the design is both solid and updatable is going to make a huge difference when it comes to focusing on the overall web structure’s practical value.

Contacts Pages

With well-designed contact pages, a big business website will have an advantage as well. Every person who may need to be contacted will clearly have several types of ways to get ahold of them. Email, direct contact, phone numbers, social media accounts – the more information per person, the better. Not only doesn’t that build a potential trust between the company and people browsing the net, it’s also good for SEO purposes to boot. If there’s one page that needs to be absolutely perfect in terms of design, it’s going to be the contact page.

Client Reviews

As a larger business, especially if you’re in a competitive field, one way to stand out is to highlight client reviews on your website. This is a much more organic form of advertising, rather, than the typical way of proving your worth by self-referential words and videos. If your clients are happy with your work, and have put written accounts of that somewhere, then use that to your advantage!

Mixed Media

The potential of the internet is enormous when it comes to mixed media potential, and businesses that use larger website designs to accomplish their needs should pay attention to this. A good mix of audio, video, photos, and videos will allow people any type of interaction that they want in order to get a good idea of your products and services.

Responsive Design Elements

And finally, no company worth its salt these days is going to put out a website that doesn’t have a basically responsive design. There’s a good chance that right around half of the people who reach your site are going to be on small screens, so your design should incorporate different sized setups as a part of it’s initial structuring.

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