Having as a main mission to allow anyone, anywhere to manage their own presence in the online world on their own, Wix decided to step up their game and make it even easier with Wix Code. It allows anyone, from those who have no knowledge when it comes to programming, to those who are experts in the field to develop web applications with both stunning interface as well as a great technology behind.

Wix Code has been specifically created to bring new possibilities to creative minds, developers and designers for creating web applications tailored to their specific business needs. It allows even those who have never had any sort of relationship with programming to create a website that simply does not show any lack of knowledge in the field. Even a beginner can make a website good enough to impress an expert with Wix Code!

However, Wix Code also provides all the necessary tools for both front-end interactivity and back-end functionality to attain the needs of more experienced users. It provides severless functionality and removes all the trouble of setting up and maintaining web environments. As a consequence, it allows developers to channel all their attention and focus more on the app’s logic, and less on putting together the functionality.

Among Wix Code’s numerous benefits we can count:

  • Built-in database incorporated, JavaScript back-end and integrated development environment – hosted on the cloud
  • Time saving, as one does not have to set up servers, worry about updates, or spend time on infrastructure
  • Allows focusing on creating and developing rather than infrastructure
  • The possibility of building advanced web applications with tailored functionality, as well as built in support for SEO

All of these are key benefits and features that allow both beginners and expert programmers to put their vision into practice and create the app of their dreams.

As mentioned before, there are a bunch of tremendous things that one can achieve through Wix Code. We shall get into some of them:

APIs: Wix Code allows you to take your website to the next level and extend its functionality. The internal APIs are easy to use with some basic coding knowledge. Moreover, users have the possibility to customize the data and behavior of any Wix component.

Custom User Input Forms: With Wix, creating application forms, quizzes, and review sections is easier than one could imagine. This way, you can collect valuable user information without any extra effort.

Custom Interactions: How would you like to make your website more engaging? With Wix, you can add interactions to your page elements, such as sliding, toggling, hovering, and many more. Why not impress your clients if it’s this easy?

Dynamic Pages Easy Creation: It would be great if you could set up just one design style, create hundreds of pages and update content in just a click. Well, you can! With Wix, each individual page is created automatically with its very own URL – SEO compatible, too!

Data collection: Any business needs a well-organized, accessible database of its content and user information. Wix helps you gather and store both content and user information in a database that you can use anywhere on your website.

All in all, Wix is empowering on many different levels. It is like having all the tools you need in just one place so that you can turn your dreams into a business that brings value to your life.

There are plenty of situations in which people have a dream and wish to create a website for it. However, it happens that they don’t know where to start from and what tools they need. More than that, they find it hard to start a website from scratch without any help. This is where Wix Code comes in: users can obtain performance and a stunning interface in a blink of an eye.

Furthermore, you don’t have to worry if you do not know a thing about coding. Wix Code got you covered on that, too! You don’t even need to use Wix Code if you don’t want to; that’s because it won’t affect your experience with the Wix Editor at all. However, give it a try and you will be pleasantly surprised to see that most features found within Wix Code don’t require technical, nor coding knowledge.

To sum it up, as Wix is always stepping up the game in the DIY site-building service arena, it is no surprise that Wix Code brings so many useful, handy features that any of us can use. It is the only tool that any ambitious person needs to make their business succeed, as it encourages individual creativity and accentuates the ease of using it and brings together both beginners as well as expert programmers.

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