Your mobile UI design will either boost your business or impede its success. Leading companies such as Samsung, Apple, and Huawei rocked the mobile markets because of their quality UI design. And you can be one of them with the Skookum Mobile App Development strategy.

Here you will learn what UI Design is, its goals and why you need to invest in UI Design. You will also learn what happens if you don’t prioritize it.

What is UI Design?

User Interface (UI) design is the mobile visual elements – color, photography, layout, and words – personalized for the usability of the application.

Think of the way you press your mobile keyboard; do the letters appear slowly or quickly?  When you swipe your gallery; does the picture slide right away or you need to press with effort? Does your Facebook app fill the screen the instant you touch or it lags? If the window works slowly, don’t blame the Wi-Fi.

Blame the UI Design.

Goals of UI Design

  • Give the users a positive visual experience; simple layouts, clear words, and adjustable screen sensitivity
  • Apply interactive properties to the interface for users’ easy accessibility
  • Meet the users’ expectation; where one learns how your interface works without reading thick manuals

Why You Need to Invest in UI Design

Here are two major reasons why it is worth the investment:

  1. To increase your sales

Your mobile won’t ascend in the market when your mobile graphics don’t come with easy accessibility and interface stability. It throws away the user’s engagement, which then gives your mobile negative feedback and low reputation.

To increase your sale, you need to assure the users that your mobile phone is easy to access information and universally designed.

In fact, by having efficient UI design, you receive three important benefits:

  • Customers’ loyalty
  • Customers’ retention
  • Customers’ productivity

This all results in higher sales as supported by Albert Lee, a Design Partner in New York. His 2016 Survey revealed that 85% of people said the design is important for sales.

  1. To save money

According to Dr. Susan Weinschenk, developers spend 50% of their time fixing the errors that could have been already prevented earlier with UI design. Your mobile phone does not require immediate high-tech upgrades such as eye recognition.

What it needs is a well-established UI design where:

  • Users will have a productive interaction easily with your graphics
  • Users can effectively search and find what they look for
  • Errors and code defects are fixed at early stages

What Happens if You Don’t Invest in UI Design

You will not have a high sale and possibly even suffer bankruptcy. This due to customers experiencing frustration with your interface, which will then lead to bad reviews about their negative experience. You will also be unable to maintain a customer’s trust with your interface. It all boils down to this: your brand descends on the market ladder.


In a report by Rossie Alabarto, editor of Careerfoundry, the absence of a quality design cost their e-commerce revenue a billion dollars decrease every year. This kind of decline affects the logistics of your business and brings you back to the invisible corners of the market.

UI Design makes you or destroys you. Without proper investment, your mobile business would lose in the market competition and obtain a low financial return. UI Design might be just the basic component your mobile could have, but it can determine the fate of your application in the industry.

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