Delivering great work does not only depend on skills, having the right tools for the job matters too. Freelance graphic designers need to realize that having a machine that has sufficient specs is important, this makes possible to produce designs that will excite your clients faster and create you a good reputation in the world of graphic design.

When choosing a graphics design laptop you have to remember that you need a big display and better ergonomics at an affordable price, generally the more you pay the better computer to get but if you are on a tight budget these are some of the computers that you should consider when picking a computer for graphic design.

Microsoft Surface Studio

This is a top PC suited for graphic designers; it is the best computer for graphic design as of now. It has a high resolution 28 inch display and is very sensitive to touch, this means it can work just fine as a as graphics tablet if its layed down. This compute has SDD memory of 2 terabytes.

Apple iMac with 4k retina display

It is a brilliant computer with lots of nostalgic appeal to graphic designers, who have been using the iMac for years. It’s even made the list of best computers for graphic design by Secret Asian Man. However, its features have not been updated. This was kept out of Apple updated and it is therefore stuck with outdated technology. We would recommend that if you want to get this computer, hold your fire until they produce another model with updated features. If your budget can stretch we suggest that you get yourself an iMac Pro, this is a powerful PC for graphic design.

HP Envy 34-inch curves

If you cannot get the Microsoft Surface Studio or Apple iMac with 4k retina display, this is best alternative for you. This computer has 8 G RAM. It has dual display. It is convenient because it has adequate display space for you to lay out your designs and edit and change whatever time you deem convenient. Its good display space makes it pretty good for watching films.

Acer Aspire S24-880

This is an amazing choice for graphic design; it also carries a slightly lower price tag which makes it suitable if you are on a tight budget. Its Intel quad core processor makes suitable to work on any kind of job from editing video and animation to working on more complex high resolution images.

Apple iMac Pro

This is the best computer for those heavy lifting professional graphic designers; it is perfect from its resolution power to its display and memory. Its cost however rules out most of people, it is very expensive and needs someone who is ready to part with a lump sum of money to acquire this machine.

Things to consider when picking a computer for graphic design

When you are picking a computer for graphic design, these are some of the things that you should have in mind at all times;

  • Computer hardware, you should focus on processor speed, memory, resolution and memory size.
  • Hard drive, hard disk is important and that is why you should make sure you choose a computer with SDD since they are faster
  • Monitor, make sure its resolution is good enough
  • Graphic tablet, choose one that does not cramp your hand

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