Signage is very important in one establishment. It is one of the key visual elements that you must consider. Signage is not just useful tools, but they may also be a graphic, inanimate salesperson for the business that you have. One kind of signage that you may see in various business establishments is the Ultraboard prints. In this article, we are going to discuss Ultraboard Printing thoroughly. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the read!

Ultraboard: What is this?

Ultraboard is a litho-grade, firm, and lightweight poster board substrate that is made from high-grade polystyrene. Furthermore, it is the same as the Gator and Foam Core board as they have plastic foam in the center. Nevertheless, Ultraboard is a bit different as it comes with a diverse and unique finish.

In the actual fact, the Ultraboard Printing has a paper-finish. On the other hand, the Gator board possesses a wood veneer finish. Both of which are astoundingly susceptible to warpage, scratches, and moisture.

Furthermore, the Ultraboard is also warpage, dents, scratches, and moisture resistant. This is mainly because it uses an amazingly hard Polystyrene finish that faces the plastic foam’s front and back sides. Moreover, the Ultraboard signs are forthright to use and are easy to install. It may be cut to any sizes and have images printed on it, thus making it a perfect choice for various permanent indoor signage.

Ultraboard: Features

The Ultraboard offers extreme versatility. In fact, it can be cut with a scrollsawi-cut, router, or circular saw. It may be die-cut or hand-cut as well. Moreover, the Ultraboard printing is also very flexible and easy, as its panels are pliable to digital printing, screen printing, painting, or pressure sensitive photo printing.

The Ultraboard is available in a range of thicknesses from 3/16”-3”. Both the untrimmed and the trimmed panels are also available. Thus letting you either to trim down the panel yourself or to order a pre-trimmed panel in a specific size. If you want to know more of the features of the Ultraboard you can check them online and worry less, because they have the best quality of products, you are looking for!

Enough for the features, now let’s discuss its uses!

Ultraboard: Uses

The Ultraboard signs are beneficial in making light-weight, vibrant, and warp-resistant signage for various permanent indoor use. With its two printable surfaces, you may use the Ultraboard in creating astounding menu boards or displays in your establishment with a 360-visibility. Not just that, the Ultraboard Printing may also be beneficial in making exceptional open & closed signage with the hours and some other pertinent information on them. It is very well suited for permanent indoor signage, flea market displays, or trade show displays. Moreover, it may also be beneficial in making amazing props for various presentations and public speaking.

The Ultraboard isn’t just for business purposes. Actually, it may also be an astounding canvas for various artworks, as well as school projects and presentations. Furthermore, the Ultraboard poster printing is also excellent for easel signs for events and conferences. Truly, it has a lot of exceptional uses, that will not put your money to waste!

Ultraboard: Lifespan

In the actual fact, the Ultraboard is designed to arise to stable interior display. When it is used indoors, the Ultraboard panels might not resist the degradation from humidity or sunlight. In case that it comes in contact with water, the Ultraboard will also stay intact, as it has the polystyrene that covers and protects the foam center from whatever moisture.

Its lifespan isn’t a thing to worry about – it is strong and firm. And as what is stated earlier, it is resistant to warpage, dents, scratches, and moisture. Therefore, it will last for a very long period of time.


There is no doubt about the amazing uses of the Ultraboard prints. It is undeniable that it is beneficial in various uses. Furthermore, it is strong enough to be used as a board display even without being mounted on metal or wood. You may also hang it, as it is lightweight. Truly, you will not waste your money on investing in Ultraboard prints!

If you want to know more about the Ultraboard Printing and more, You may also avail of their products that are guaranteed high quality!

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