Have you started a new enterprise or plan to do so? You may have consulted your friends, family, and experts gaining know-how of how to make it into the “Flipkart” of tomorrow. Their advice may or may-not be put to use but when it comes to the internet where millions of people are continuously experimenting and only a few make it to the top. Its best you know the rules of the game, to break the digital monopoly of your competitors.

Before we go ahead, we are hoping you already have your website registered and on track. So here are a few tips that can lead your website to be among the top 5 searches on Google.

Choosing the Right URL

It is crucial that the URL name you choose contains the basic and relevant information you are trying to convey to your customer. Avoid any vague descriptions, number and symbols.

Short and Sweet Content

The content displayed on your website should be crisp and clear. Statistics clearly an indicate a positive correlation between the length of the content and the ranking of your website. Excessive words and content heavy pages can lower your ranking and make it disinterest for people to read and engage with your website.

How to use directs

What re-directs we use has an impact on the ranking of our website. The two redirects- 301 and 302, that are available, we recommend you use 301 redirect. The search engine will then trace the SEO activity from the current website and redirect you to the new website where all the content has been transferred.

Marketing your Content

The content for your website can be shared through the social media or through other media like newsletters, blogs and press releases.   This will keep the customer engaged for longer and increase traffic on your website.  But before this please make sure that your content is really interesting to read and not too long. (Refer to point 2)

Images to Put

Other than interesting content, to make our website more alluring it should have apt pictures to go along with the text. But make it sure it’s not content heavy because then your website will take more time to download.

Dedicated Landing Pages

Landing pages are those pages on your website that provide a call to action. They are extremely specific and effective when we have to measure different designs, offers and marketing messages.  There is not a lot of changes that have to be made to your home-page or your website, since it’s only the founder of the website that tests individual landing pages.

Mobile Friendly Website

Majority of the people, often use their mobiles when accessing the website, so make sure that your website is compatible with mobile search. Your design should be responsive and should adapt to the device on which it’s operated. Follow the same pattern as the SEO strategy for your website.

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