You have to do everything yourself as a small business owner, entrepreneur, or self-employed professional.  From marketing and sales strategy development to customer support and maintenance, you have to handle everything. Due to this, you don’t really have much time for administrative tasks such as invoicing.

You must have used Google docs in some way in your marketing job, whether it’s to create invoices for clients, manage website statistics, or prepare a budget and other reports.

However, if you’re like me, working on invoices must be a boring and troublesome task for you. 

Thankfully, Google Sheets includes 26 pre-built templates that make it easier to create invoices and enter data in spreadsheets. A file that you use to generate an invoice is known as an invoice template. You complete it with the information of the invoice you want to send, then save a copy of it on your device. That is the copy you will send to your client to get your payment.

You can use the below-given invoice templates for Google Docs to get payments from your clients:

Google Docs Bill Template

It is a simple template that you may fill up and personalise according to your style and requirements. With the aid of these Google Doc Bill template, you can give your clients all the necessary information in order to get paid faster.

Google Docs Blank Invoice Template

In Google Docs, there is a blank invoice template. You can use this template for your design company. You can quickly add your design company’s logo and change the colours to match your brand. With the aid of this google doc template, you can create a professional invoice that portrays the image of your design company and also tell your clients about the necessary payment details.

Create and Customize Your Own Template

Google Docs gives you this opportunity to create a sophisticated and stylish invoice template, customize it according to your needs, print it, and email it online. In this way, you can provide a better customer experience. This is how you can create and customize your invoice template:

First of all, browse the templates and choose one that suits your niche and style.

Now, make a duplicate of the template you like the most.

Fill in all the necessary details on the template. If you are not sure what you should include in your invoice, please see the checklist: logo, contact details of both parties, detailed description of products and services, due amount, the deadline for payment, preferable payment methods.

Reflect your design brand’s image, select the font and colours according to your branding kit, and add your logo to create a professional invoice that’s uniquely yours.

Now save the invoice in a way that you can access it from any device at any time. Give it a unique number and name.

That’s it. You have created your customized invoice and you can send the invoice to the customer through email anytime.

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