UX design or User Experience design in full is a term that is commonly used in the tech world. The term means the value that a digital product provides to the end user. For example, in the case of a website, good UX Design involves creating mobile friendly and interactive sites.

When the user experience is poor, it is easy to lose customers, and this can only translate to business losses at the end of the day. The opposite is true, good user experience will leave the customer happy, and this will lead to increased sales and profits at the end of the day.

The process of developing a product for optimal customer satisfaction can be tedious to say the least. However, as long as all parties do their work, the end effort is well worth it. Below we look at UX design in detail and highlight the key processes involved.

Understanding the problem

A design works to solve a certain problem. Whether you are creating a website or designing an app, you have to analyze the requirements to ensure that the product you develop will meet most if not all of these requirements.

Sometimes, you may have to meet with stakeholders to understand all the requirements. Other times, you may have to brainstorm with experts in the field or look for inspiration from your competition. Just do whatever is necessary to identify and fully understand the problem.

Do some sketches

This process involves testing and evaluating frameworks. Ideally, this stage should be interactive. It also requires the designers to keep an open mind and be keen to highlight the stakeholders’ points. The design team and other stakeholders work hand in hand to ensure the development of a usable design that will leave the end user satisfied.

Finalize the Layouts

In this stage, you work on the final graphics of your product. You have to make a decision on the final specs and final theme followed the guidelines in the above steps. This stage may also involve a session with stakeholders for their feedback.

Some companies choose to identify the problem and do some sketches and outsource for the designing services. Getting UX design services works to the advantage of Companies without a design team or experts in a certain field. Since this step also involves interface design, outsourcing is a great way of ensuring that you get designers who can design the product and incorporate all the specs that will ensure user satisfaction.

From the above processes, it is clear that user experience design is a non-digital practice. It is actually a cognitive science that focuses on enhancing the user experience. That said, just like with other aspects of design, the process requires skills and loads of research. If you are a people’s person and are concerned about the user experience, this is an ideal career for you. However, if you are visually inclined, you may opt for the more practiced User Interface design or IU field.

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