Pop art historical sensation interpretation is really important these days as it highlights the fact that the artistic movement was so much more than something limited to celebrities and celebrities, as many believe it to be. Pioneers like Andy Warhol identified how important superstars were in promoting something, this leading to a brand new way of looking at art. We now can so easily buy popart memorabilia and décor from many stores and pop art is basically a huge part of modern interior design.

Pop art had really strong social-political implications, some of them still being felt today. Pop art can so easily be considered so much more than just a social movement or a cultural movement. Influences extend so far beyond the world of art by having an effect on business and constantly transforming culture, making everything a huge artistic spectacle, all facing capitalism reality. Pop art essential significance is that the aesthetic and economic considerations will not be in opposition, as we saw with avante garde traditions.

Pop art is now a huge part of modern design, ranging from pop art paintings to pop art influences. Many of the artists are appreciating capitalism but not all. So many were using irony and parody in the past in order to subvert capitalism. This type of art basically changed the common perception that art was only available for a strict social group. The art was promoting positive aspects connected to capitalism while trying to minimize the negative aspects.

The big question that is normally connected with pop art is whether or not it was more of a social movement than an artistic movement. The influence that it had on lives can easily be seen beyond the common art world. We are talking about the very first of the art movements that showcased commercial and advertising endeavors as being art forms. As pop art grew in popularity, we saw influences in fashion and various different trends. The entire cultural endeavor was put into just one aesthetic style, uniting both the rich and the poor.

In the event we look at art being an advertising form, we can go forward towards saying that every single art piece is trying to promote or to represent something. Art does not have this function. Art will not represent something in particular and does not normally have a utility. Advertising can be seen, thanks to the influence of pop art, as an art form that promotes products with the main purpose of building a lot of interest around it.

We see marketing, branding and advertising genres being influenced by the influence of pop art. The best possible example can be seen in Apple’s minimalism branding and the simplicity that is clearly visible in the homepage of Google. What people now perceive as cultural information is a huge part of what pop art managed to achieve. The truth is that we wouldn’t have modern design without the appearance and evolution of pop art. This is why you want to learn all that you can about it.