10 Shiny Icons for your Favorite Apps

Nowadays everybody has smart phones and other similar gadgets that are slowly becoming essential for our everyday lives. We like to stay updated, to get new apps or even change our gadget to a more advanced one after a period, which means we enjoy diversity and evolution. To make your gadget more diverse in appearance, you have the option of changing your icons, of making them look different from the factory settings. We have a set of ten shiny icons designed by Safeunlockcode.com that look totally cool for you to use on your Android gadget.

free smartphone icons

Your favorite apps are the ones you use most frequently and which you see most often, so an appealing icon for each of them would surely bring a touch of diversity and a sense of new to your app-related activities. Our icons can be used for your Twitter and Facebook apps, for your email box, for your call log, your camera or any other app that you might want to change the icon for.

Changing the appearance of your Android system will surely bring a positive energy to your overall experience with the gadget, making it less boring and more appealing for long-time use. Maybe if you change your app icons more often you will feel like having a new smart phone every time you do it!

Also, you will be different from all the others, even if you have the same model of gadget. Everyone will be amazed to see how different and cool your Android looks like!

So why not make a change this spring and improve the look of your smart phone, the same as you improve your own look? Download these 10 shiny icons for your favorite Android apps for free!

The icons are released under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License and are free to use for personal and commercial purposes.

Download from HERE.

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