For most of us, not a day goes by without seeing banner advertising in some shape or form. Banner ads are on the subway, on billboards, in magazines and now, on the internet too. The fact of that matter is that it’s virtually impossible to stay clear of these banner ads, no matter how hard we try.

But why is this a problem? Well, the vast majority of banner ads that we see on a day-to-day basis are quite simply boring. Most of them fail to catch our eye or have much of an impact on our lives. They’re just a burden to most of us.

Every now and again though, a banner ad comes along that not only captures our attention, but makes us laugh too. In this post, I’m going to highlight a few of the most creative and funny banner ads and hopefully, give you some inspiration for your own banner designs.

1. Discount Banner Printing – Leave It To The Pros

This ad from the UK based banner printing company, Discount Banner Printing offers the perfect example of both a funny and highly creative ad.

If you’ve ever had trouble getting your printer to work, I’m sure you’ll have felt like the guy in the banner ad above many times. This ad, entitled “Leave it to the pros” advertises the company’s products/services in an amusing fashion. It’s simple, but effective.


2. Wonderbra – Fits Naturally

This rather colourful yet minimalistic banner ad from Wonderbra uses a couple of half peeled oranges to create a funny and light-hearted representation of the way their product fits their customers.

There’s nothing more natural than the way the peel fits an orange, surely.


3. KissFM – Do You Remember?

KissFM, a UK-based radio station, created this ad to highlight the fact that radio isn’t dead, not even among the generation of iPod lovers.

It uses a clever and humorous approach of depicting an old-fashioned cassette tape as the well-known Star Wars character, Darth Vador. The tape is saying “iPod…I’m your father”.


4. Pringles – Hot & Spicy

I love this banner ad from Pringles, one of the world’s most popular potato chip brands as it’s not only extremely funny, but also extremely simple.

It was created to advertise their latest Hot & Spicy flavoured potato chips and as you can see, it depicts a guy eating Pringles and breathing fire into a hot air balloon. They must be seriously hot and spicy!


5. Bose – Noise Reducing Headphones

Bose is one of the world’s biggest brands in the audio equipment industry and one of their latest products is their range of noise cancelling earphones.

This ad shows a guy wearing these earphones whilst casually rowing a boat. The product appears to be doing such a good job that he can’t hear the thunderous waterfall behind him, much to his demise.


6. Olympus – Zoom

To advertise their brand of “Zoom” binoculars, Olympus created a series of exceptionally funny and highly creative banner ads showing a visual representation of their customers using the product.

In this example, you can see that the binoculars are so powerful, it appears as though the bird is right in front of the woman using the binoculars.


7. Denver Water – Hose Pipe Ban

A hose pipe ban is a pretty boring subject, but Denver Water managed to difficult task of advertising the ban in a funny and creative way.

The banner ad created by Denver Water is bright and colourful and features a hose pipe with a knot in it. The banner is funny and attention grabbing. Perfect.


8. Al Ain – Now Open Till Midnight

Al Ain is a zoo located in the Middle East and recently, they extended their opening hours to midnight each night.

The zoo created this humorous banner ad depicting two monkeys wearing sleep masks. It is midnight after all.


9. NutriBalance – Bad Food, Bad Dog.

In this banner ad, you see a woman’s husband returning home from work to find his wife in bed. He didn’t suspect anything until the dog realised there was a man hiding behind the curtains.

The ad runs the slogan “Bad food, Bad dog”. It’s simple yet extremely funny and creative.


10. Evian – Live Young

We all know how beneficial water is to our health but unfortunately, most of us don’t drink anywhere near enough of it.

So, this ad from Evian shows a visual representation of how drinking water can make us feel young. The humorous ad depicts a grown man wearing a t-shirt with a baby on it. Great.


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