Real estate is a competitive business, and if you’ve ever seen the smiling faces of agents on a bus stop bench or a billboard, you’re likely aware of the importance of marketing in this particular industry.

When reaching out to real estate prospects requires a personal touch, print media is often the best way to go. A handwritten letter is much more likely to make an impression than a mass email or an impersonal banner add – especially since real estate markets are typically localized to one particular area.

Any successful marketing piece for a realtor or company is a representation of a particular brand. That might mean beautiful full-color photos of the properties they sell, but it could also be as simple as the organization’s logo in a professional, prestigious-looking foil stamp. There are many different approaches one could take, depending on the brand’s image.

Even when you have a clear sense of a real estate brand, it can be difficult to develop an idea; often, it’s a case of choice paralysis. Fortunately, we’ve collected 23 unique designs for real estate marketing materials. Take a look at what makes them stand out and use those elements for inspiration.

1. Reef Real Estate

2. Rose Town, Jamaica

3. Insured Solutions

4. Berks Homes

5. Corporate Annual Report

6. Downtown Madison

7. Architeo

8. Real Estate Investment Catalogue

9. Laffey Real Estate

10. Real Estate Brochure and Cover Design

11. Property Brochure

12. Sao Carlos

13. Real Estate Board of New York

14. Ozene

15. Hang Lung Properties

16. Growthpoint Properties

17. Real Estate Staging Association

18. Wealth-X and Sotheby’s International Realty

19. JJ Jacobs Realty

20. AW Perry

21. Schattler & Steba

22. Real Estate Bi-Folder

23. Rory Woods

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