Finding inspiration for a logo, especially when you are designing one for someone else, is so much more complicated than it used to be. Chances are your first idea was already used by someone else. In logo design you cannot just analyze the best logos in the industry and come up with something great. You will need to find inspiration and that inspiration rarely comes alone. Here are some suggestions that will help you to get your inspiration and start work on a great logo.

Start Doodling

In so many cases the problem is overthinking it. When you keep thinking about your logo you can get stuck. What you can do is to simply start doing some doodling. At the end of the process you normally end up with random, pointless scribbles. However, in that mess you create it is possible that you find something that will give you the inspiration jolt you were looking for.

Visit Many Sites That Feature Designs

Do not restrict yourself to logo galleries. Inspiration comes from full design much more often than you may think. Widen the research and visit graphic design sites. You can even go a little bit deeper and see what people do in the industry you work for. For instance, if you create a design for something that is related to interior design, you can look at galleries featuring wall art. The more designs you see, the higher the possibility to find inspiration.

Look At The Client’s Work History And Future

Analyze the logos that were used by the client in the past and talk with the CEO about the firm’s envisioned future. Sometimes you can get inspiration from an old logo used or you can see the future with new eyes as you have a simple discussion with people that know a lot about the company.

Blast Yourself With Random Images

Sometimes all you need to do is to look at many random images so that you get a fresh view of everything. Google Images is actually a great resource that can be used by absolutely everyone. Look at images from related and unrelated topics. Add what you like to a mood board, pick a color, change shapes, words and see if something comes up.

Keep Yourself Open And Receptive

One of the most important things you need to remember about inspiration is that you never know when it hits you. That is why you have to be receptive to all the ideas that go through your mind or that are offered by others. When you feel that you have to sketch something, just do it! Creativity needs to be allowed to appear.

Allow Your Mind Time To Breathe

When you think too much about the logo it is easy to be saturated. You want to be sure that you never force inspiration. Sometimes a break is more than you need to get the brain working again. Do not blame yourself too much if you cannot find something to work on.  Your mind needs some free time for inspiration to appear.

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