Ever thought of earning money from your leisure activity? Photography is a very addictive hobby and almost every Joe knows how to take a good photo. Handy-dandy smartphone has made it possible to carry a powerful camera in our pocket. Not too long ago, editing image used to mean dabbling with complex photo editing software. You’d be required to take special training of Photoshop, CorelDraw or other similar course. But the new image filter centric app has just made image editing applications.


Clashot is an app for the iOS users (which could soon be on the Android platform too), gives an opportunity to the users to earn money by sharing their best captured photographs, and inspires them to do it more when there’s people appreciating and rating those pictures on an online platform. It basically turns mobile photos in a money drenching machine. The active community will not only help you in becoming a better photographer, but will also help you to earn some money from your activity.

Clashot is made by one of the Stock photo agencies, i.e. Depositphotos, and the trust factor easily comes from there, while there’s a small catch for you to start making money for your best photographs. The photos that you captures and share through the app, are reviewed and rated by the several readers and viewers who are the fans of photography, and stick to the fact that many a times pictures speak a lot more than words.

Clashot App Overview

Clashot is a free app for your iDevice, i.e. for the iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad where you can start sharing the captured photos easily from the device, and as a matter of fact, it is limited to these Apple devices as of now. The design is pretty simple to understand and navigate through, and you get to have an entire profile listing everything about yourself so that the viewers of your photos would know about you.



With the numerous iPhone applications being available for the editing of the photos directly through the device itself, things cannot become easier. And if you are very serious about it, you could do the Photoshop magic on the captures and then shift those edited photos to your iPhone and upload them to the Clashot profile of yours, and the Depositphotos team would do the rest.

The features of Clashot won’t resemble to those of the various photo editing apps, although it can be compared a bit with Instagram but the final point of interest of both the apps is totally different. In Instagram your motive is to have simple fun with the photos, share with friends and have a smile looking at the admiration you get through likes and shares on the social network, but in the current world, where the hard work of photo capturing and editing deserves quite more, Clashot is what one has to look at.

Features of Clashot App

The first point worth mentioning about the Clashot app is that you won’t be limited to a certain device for capturing, as the app accepts photos from any source in your iOS file system, which could be the photo gallery, the edited gallery or any folder which has the edited photos sent from your computer.

The app keeps it simple with the following steps:

    • Catch the moment
    • Shoot
    • Earn


There’s a long list of categories in which the photos can be uploaded, and the best pictures from those categories are selected by the team of Depositphotos who promote them on their website where these photos are bought for several purposes, and simple, the photographer gets paid a commission for the sale.

If you have your account registered, you can be a viewer as well and follow the other photographs to draw some inspiration for your next captures, and promote those who deserve it. The Clashot website, which basically is a source for people to reach Depositphotos, has all the details about the uploaded photo, including the views, likes and comments, as well as the number of photos uploaded by the user.


There’s a lot of scope for improvement with the application, but there’s nothing to criticize about the app as it does what it says, and expecting more from it would shade away the main motive. You can try out the app and see how well does it work out for you, and as it is available for all the iOS devices, even your iPad or iPad Mini would be fine to upload the photos.

Download the app from the iTunes store: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/clashot/id572266787?mt=8

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