When you first design your website there is no doubt that you put a lot of thought and effort into it, making sure it not only operates smoothly and without issues, but also had a creative and engaging look about it. Despite all those initial efforts, over time it’s normal for a website to lose some of its sites. It may start looking tired, old, outdated, or not operate as it once did. Looking at your website from a design standpoint with a critical eye can be tough, but a very necessary step in maintaining a site that is well-trafficked.

If you think it’s time for your website to get a fresh new look, these tips can help you to figure out where to best place your efforts.

Choose a New Theme

Here’s a really simple tip that can have a massive impact. Whether you didn’t pick a theme to start with, or your theme just feels old, picking a new one will breathe new life into the site. You can buy WordPress themes that can be applied to e-commerce sites, portfolios, business sites, blogs, landing pages, and even your own personal website. The themes can be carried throughout the site creating a uniform and professional vibe. It will also help to set the tone regarding the purpose of your site.

Update and Check All Links on the Site

This particular tip can be rather time-consuming but it affects not just the impression people will get from your site, but your Google rankings. Did you know that if you have any spelling mistakes in links, links that don’t work, or links that are redundant, your Google ranking will suffer? That means it’s going to be harder for new people to find your site. The simple act of updating and checking all your links will not only affect the site’s performance in a positive way but help you to rank higher in the search results.

What is the Navigation Like?

It’s also wise to use that same critical eye on the site’s navigation capabilities. If you were brand new to the site, visiting for the first time, how easy would it be for you to navigate? How quickly could you find specific information and pages? Keep in mind visitors aren’t known for being patient when it comes to site navigation and they will click out fast if they are having a rough time.

Do You Have Visuals?

There is nothing worse than a giant wall of text to greet visitors. If you don’t have pictures, videos, graphs, and other multi-media sprinkled throughout the site, then it’s nothing but a wall of text. Now is the time to break up the text, add visuals that relate and add something to the content, or just generally liven things up.

Simple Yet Effective Strategies

While these strategies may seem simple, the fact is that they can have massive implications. Updating your website and freshening up the look can help it to rank higher in the search engines, and create a more welcoming, modern, and informative look.

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