Running a web design or web developer team can be difficult to manage due to the various personalities involved. A digital marketing agency that contracts out the skills of their coders or designers can maximize profits by making these teams more efficient. This is not all on the employees but rather on processes as well as communication from clients. The trick is pushing the team without pushing too hard as designers/developers might just take the freelance route if they feel their current job is burning them out. The following are tips to help lead a team of developers/designers to be more productive than ever before.

Sitting In On Calls With Clients

A design team sitting in on a call with a client can allow them to give suggestions and truly understand the scope of a project. In some cases, a client manager without design knowledge could misinterpret what a client wants then disseminate this information to the design team. Sending recap emails should be done as at times a client might agree to a change in a project without really understanding what it means.  Clients that are given work that is done on time with the highest quality are sure to come back for project after project.

Milestones For Larger Projects

Checking in with clients at certain milestones during a coding or design project is extremely important. This reduces work that is done that the client is going to want changed anyway. Putting in some sort of approval process which speeds up approvals will make it far easier to hit deadlines. A client delaying approval for 4 or 5 days can completely throw off the timeline of a project. Pushing back deadlines for clients that are not prompt at communicating needs to be done as the designer as well as the client need to be held accountable for deadlines being hit or missed.

Hiring Versatile Web Design/Developer Professionals

Versatile developers and designers can be put on nearly any project without worrying about the quality of work they will produce. Tools are also important when it comes to things like SVG animation as well as its creation. The automation of certain tasks can allow designers and developers to take on their work instead of doing things like data entry or other menial tasks. Look at those applicants that constantly are learning new skills and getting certifications. This proves the applicant can thrive in a variety of scenarios and will adapt to changes in the industry.

Allowing Top Producers To Work From Home

The perk of being able to work at home can be extremely attractive to many designers and developers. At times it can be far easier to get work done without having distractions of coworkers or meetings that could have been handled with an email. The office is not always the best place to be productive especially for detail-oriented work like the design team does. A top producer that always leave clients happy should be able to work from home. Many times, these employees might move to another location with a lower cost of living to save more money. A majority of professionals would give up a raise in order to be able to work from home permanently so this can save money on labor costs as well.

The world of web development/design can be extremely profitable for a company/individual if productivity is a huge focus. Use the above tips to manage your team to best of your ability and establishing your business as top of the line in web development/design.

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