Capturing the most important moments of someone’s life can be an immensely fulfilling experience. And to be able to do that as a full-time job is even more rewarding. Starting a photography business is not an easy job and it requires as much devotement as any other career. One of the most important steps in successfully developing your photography business is getting publicity. In order for your project to grow, you need clients and clients need to find you. So, what is there to do, to increase your client base and make sure you keep receiving requests? Just like any other business, advertisement is key. Below are a few tips to follow, to make sure the word about your work is spread through every channel:

Launch a Website

This will sometimes be the first contact people have with your work, so make sure it showcases the exact message you want your brand to send. Before launching a website, decide on a business name and pick one that is easy to remember. When choosing the theme, pick one that will not distract the visitor from your work, but rather compliment it. Stick with a minimalist theme and keep the focus on the content. To attract more visitors, consider splitting your website in two: portfolio and blog.

Portfolio: Having an online portfolio not only helps you promote your business, but is also a nice way to show everyone your evolution and changes. Make sure you upload work that best displays your view, so potential clients can see exactly what you are capable of. Now, building your portfolio is important, but keeping it up to date is paramount. Make sure you constantly add new work and remove pieces that are no longer relevant. A great way to improve your portfolio is to volunteer as a photographer for different events in your area. Some pro bono work can offer you the possibility to improve and also attract potential clients.

Blog: Besides the portfolio, your website should also include a blog. This is where you can keep in touch with your clients, let them learn a little bit about yourself, present your evolution and tips and stay connected with the industry. If your blog is original and useful, you can even become an important voice in the industry. Keep your content relevant, use it to optimize search results, respond to comments and offer a newsletter subscription, so visitors can be up to date with your posts. You can use your blog to promote special deals and hold a few contests where visitors can win a photo session with you.

Get Involved in the Online Community

Look online for photography communities where you can get in touch with fellow photographers from around the world. Exchanging ideas, discussing new equipment and giving and receiving feedback can have an immense impact on your work. Besides online discussion forums, there are also photography directories that can showcase your work and help you attract new clients. The specialists at The H Hub state that constantly keeping in touch with people in the industry not only helps you attract clients, but also keeps you up to date with exclusive news and provides insights that you would not have access to otherwise. Such communities update their content constantly with words from important people in the branch that often accept to guest-write on said websites.

Use Social Media

There is no need to explain what an important role social media plays in today’s advertising industry. If done right, social media can help you expand your reach and gain you followers with little effort. Create a Facebook business page to allow clients to contact you and gives you easy access to promote your business on different pages and groups. Having an Instagram account is also a great way to display your work and use different tools to monitor your audience and posts. Keep a cohesive aesthetic to attract followers and host small contests to encourage people to promote your business.

Attend Conferences and Events

Photography conferences are a great place to get to know people in the industry, exchange ideas and extend your network. You can meet potential collaborators and experts that can teach you a thing or two about the business, as well as new clients. Look online for photography events, conferences and exhibitions. If they are open to anyone, just be there at the said date and time and if you need an invite, contact the hosts in a professional manner and ask how you can receive an invitation. Make sure to bring loads of business cards and try to give them out to any person you speak with; they will most likely do the same.

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