PDF file formats allow you to view and share your files easily. It makes your files look presentable and preserves the information you put in them. One could say that PDFs have become cutting edge for preferred file formats. But with technology constantly changing, what we consider as progressive now can become obsolete next. Over the years, the layout for PDFs might change. Of course, you would want to preserve your files in the long run and keep the vital data in them intact as long as possible. You are wondering how? Well, just simply convert PDF to PDFA.

What is PDFA?

PDF files usually contain vital information regarding people and for some of their various businesses, too. With this being the case, you would want to keep these files intact for future references. Good news! There is a way for you to achieve such.

PDFA is a version of PDF that is ISO-standardized. It caters to the need for archiving and long-term preservation of your files. It ensures that your documents and the contents in them are safe and accessible to you in the long run. PDFA is a version of PDF that enables you to preserve your files and access them in the future.

Convert PDF to PDFA

So, how do you convert your PDF files to PDFA? Easy, you can check out GogoPDf and have your newly converted PDFA files in your hands with just a few clicks.

GogoPDF is a web-based tool that offers you several features, enabling you to make necessary edits to your documents, especially your PDF files. It helps you manage your files and is perfect for catering to specific goals you wish to accomplish involving your documents.

With GogoPDF, you can quickly turn PDF files into PDFA. The first thing that you need to do is upload the file into the online platform. GogoPDF will process your files almost immediately, converting your files from PDF to PDFA in minutes. After which, your files will then be readily available for download and saving or even sharing directly to your chosen recipient.


If you want a fast and reliable PDF file manager online, GogoPDF is your ideal web-based tool designed to give you that satisfaction. It has several features perfect for providing you with your necessities for your PDF files and documents. Also, it’s free to gain access to its features. You might encounter a few web-based tools that will require a certain sum of money before providing you access to their system. But with GogoPDF, you will have a cost-free online PDF editor.

Additionally, GogoPDF will not require you to add your email address unless you decide to make a subscription to the app. If you do, additional features will be available to you.

Another great thing to consider using GogoPDF is that it guarantees your security and safety when using the online tool. It is normal to be hesitant with web-based tools. The internet can pose so much danger, especially when sending or sharing, or uploading vital and confidential information. GogoPDF ensures that your files are only accessible to you. Plus, its system has an automatic delete protocol after sixty minutes, adding to your sense of privacy and securing that no one else can use your files to their advantage.

But wait, there is more. GogoPDF is easily accessible on several operating systems. You do not have to have a specific operating system to access GogoPDF. As long as you can open a web browser and have a stable internet connection, GogoPDF Is available for you anywhere and anytime.

Accessible Customer Service

The one downside of online tools is that it is online. You are on your own to explore it. However, some have established a customer service team to address your concerns and queries regarding their online tools. GogoPDF has set up a customer service team just for you. You can freely contact them to assist you in completing a particular task, or if you wish to address a concern, you have upon using the application. Additionally, you can also give them feedback concerning your experience using their online tool.

Other Features

GogoPDF is not only ideal for converting your PDF files to PDFA’s. You can also use it when you wish to split your PDF into separate pages. You can also access GogoPDF to combine several files you want to organize into a single PDF file. Furthermore, you also lock and unlock your PDF files and even repair your corrupted files. Not only that, you will have a lot of options on how you would like to convert your files. You can have a Word, Excel, HTML, PPT, or JPG file that you would want to convert into PDF or vice versa; GogoPDF is readily available to provide you with such service.

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