Free Website Building Tools to Create Websites with No Professional Skills

No business or individual can keep away from internet these days. Everyone is using net on various handy devices all the day. This is the very reason why people want to have their own website either for personal use or for business promotion. Most of people think that making their own website is not an easy thing. They have to learn complicated web design skills. But thanks to all free website building tools which has really made it a fun!

website building tools

Yes today everyone having little knowledge of using internet can create his own website without having any professional skill. If you also want to create a website and looking for such amazing simple and free tool then we have a collection of free website builders below to give you a wide range of options to choose one according to your taste.

IM Creator

This web building tools caters to the needs of the audience because it provides a wide variety of tools. As a matter of fact you will have all that you need wrapped in a really user-friendly interface which will help you develop your new site, no matter whether it is business or personal one. Of course, creating personal website is lot easier than creating a business one, especially if you have to do it from scratch, but IM creator will help you overcome the problems and create a great site. The tool is completely free and at the same time – highly efficient – there is also pretty good content management system and integration with different social media.


There is one really good reason that makes people choose Yola instead of some of the others website building tools. This tool offers a really rich experience to its users and gives them complete freedom by providing lots of tools that will help you create the best site. There are lots of customizable templates, social media integration, SEO add-ons, affordable domain names and many other things – this is what makes Yola so preferred.


This tool offers user-friendliness along with flexibility – this is why many people have decided to go for it, instead of some of its competitors. Webs is a really popular tool among people who are looking to kick start a new business on the web. As you know every business should be presented in the World Wide Web and you need to make sure that your site is going to look just great. So whether you wish to add useful business applications to your site or just integrate social media sites – Webs is the type of builder you might want to use.

Google Sites

No matter of the aspect – Google is always there and you can be sure that their services are one of the best. Another great tool that you can use is Google Sites – once you use it you will see how easy it is and how great the User Interface is. This website builder can be a great helper especially to amateurs who are about to create their first website. Actually, they can use lots of free templates and WYSIWYG interface in order to post or edit content on the web. However, if you are experienced developer – don’t worry – Google Sites offers lots of extensive tools for expert developers that will enhance the experience of website development.


This website builder is a bit different from the previous ones and it is because it is not free. However, you can be more than sure that its features are definitely worth every dollar.  If you don’t feel like paying for its services, then you should try the 14-day trial which will help you get familiar with all the services and options. Users are able to enjoy lots of templates, unlimited traffic and storage, great content management systems and much more things. This platform will definitely help you create a really good site from scratch, even if you are not really good with computers – it is worth every cent.


This website builder is preferred mostly by small businesses and companies. If you want to go for Tripod, you will be able to use lots of templates, however, most of them have been designed in order to cover the corporate needs. And this is why Tripod is preferred by businessmen who want to have a good website that will be presenting their product in the best way possible.  If you go for Tripod you will be granted access to lots of web building tools, social plugins, and wide range of options that will enhance the usability of your site.


Cabanova is highly popular website builder and it continues to increase its users on daily basis. The diversity is what attracts people to start using Cabanova. It will give you access to thousands of templates, however, there is one bad thing – there is a limit to up to 3 pages per site and the storage capacity is only 50MB.


The next website building tool is called DoodleKit and like the above-mentioned tools offers a huge collection of free templates that look great. However, there is a paid and free version and while the paid one includes the whole package of tools, the users who prefer the free version will have to work with limited tools. Actually you will be able to host up to 5 web pages and a blog. On the other hand – the paid version is quite affordable and if you are thinking of going “deeper” into development, then you might want to pay for it and start using it.

Easy Webcontent

Easy Webcontent has been recently transferred to HTML5. This website builder will help you design the site of your dreams thanks to the tools it provides. The first thing you have to do is to register, which is completely free and then choose among the great web templates and add your dynamic content – it is that simple!

Zoho Sites

If you want to try a website building tool that is really easy and even people who are not really good with computers will be able to handle it – then Zoho is for you. This tool is one of our favorites because it covers basically everything – you can create mobile-ready sites, dynamic content management or even multi-purpose site. Everything looks great and you will be having lots of fun while developing.

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