There was a time when only the very technically advanced people could create websites. As technologies improved easy platforms to build sites emerged. Today there are a number of tools, both free and paid ones, which let you create websites very easily.

But the Internet is flooded with such tools. How to pick the good ones? We are here to help.

Below we are listing five website builder tools that are very easy to use. Take a look at them and let me know what you think in the comments below. If you know of any further such tools then tell me in the comments.

1. – This site lets you create websites in just three simple steps. One – Select a design out of their collection of templates. Two – Customize it i.e. tweak it according to your needs and requirements. Three – Hit publish. As is implicit in their name IM-Creator expands to “I am creator” which means it gives you, even a non coder, the steering wheel and lets you design websites and become a site creator.


2. – The templates available on this website use HTML5. This ensures that the created websites are optimized properly with respect to search engines. Also, they will host your website for free without charging anything from you.


3. – Strikingly specializes in designing single paged websites. This style of websites is gaining currency nowadays. If you click on the “About” page you will slide down to the website information. If you click on the “Contact Us” page the screen will slide up or down depending upon your position on the site and depending on where the Contact page is and you will land on the Contact page.


4. – Weebly is undoubtedly one of the most popular website creation tool there is. Its client base numbers in millions and includes top notch names like the Wall Street Journal, Time and BBC. Their feature which makes the things very easy for website builders is their drag and drop feature. As the name suggests you can drag elements on the page and drop them wherever you want them to be displayed. It works like a breeze. It has both free and paid versions so see which ones suits you the best.


5. – With Dunked you can create an online portfolio for yourself. If you belong to the categories of writers, painters, models, musicians, etc. then you need an online portfolio whose link you can send to your potential clients. There have been cases when the person interviewing a candidate for a job was left quite impressed when the candidate showed him his online portfolio along with his CV. The better your online portfolio the better your chances are of getting the job. Hence you shouldn’t take any risks with the designing of your portfolio website and Dunked lets you achieve that.

I hope you would have found the above list useful.

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