Webydo – The Professional Web Design Platform Already Used by 30K Designers Worldwide

Web designers are often stretched between creativity and technology. Website builders seem to be your only roads to freedom but these rudimentary features don’t meet today’s web design needs.  With only 3% of websites being published using such platforms, you can very well judge their penetration in the market. What they lack in scalability that professional web designers long for.

Your perception about website builders is all set to change with Webydo the professional website builder that has been developed by a team of professional designers, for designers. This platform allows you to create and manage websites code free.


This WYSIWYG platform puts you into the driver’s seat by offering you full artistic control over your website. Once you are done with the design Webydo automatically converts your graphic design into an updated HTML code and a CMS (Content Management System). You won’t need to hire a developer or manually write code. You can create a pixel-by-pixel website that is cross browser compatible and mobile ready.

Features of Webydo

  • Design – Powered by a Design Management System it offers you complete creative freedom. You will find a grid structure and Photoshop like features that allow you to be as creative as possible with your design.222222You can choose between a blank canvas, layout or readymade design inspirations to use that are fully customizable. What makes it special is the drag-and-drop editor that makes it easy to insert images, texts, videos, flash, galleries, forms, widgets and menus with ease. You also have lost of free fonts to choose from allowing you to achieve the kind of typography you want.
  • Management – The Content Management System allows you to manage multiple websites from a single dashboard allowing you to serve multiple clients at the same go. Webydo has introduced a smart permission feature that allows you to lock some design elements that cannot be even mistakenly altered by the client thus maintaining a website’s appearance intact. Also, making your life easier, you can build your brand using Webydo and even send branded client invoices to be compensated for your hard work.
  • Easy Hosting – The hosting process has been made easy and you won’t have to set up a site or fiddle with the FTP or cPanel. You can publish it for free on Webydo’s sub domain for testing. You can also publish it under your custom by choosing the Premier plan. It offers you excellent performance as your site will be hosted on a cloud server that is supported a Content Delivery Networks ensuring high uptime and fast page loads. They also ensure high levels of security and also backup the site on a regular basis.
  • SEO and Analytics – You can optimize the websites to fetch traffic from the major search engines. The SEO features allow you to optimize the site both at the basic as well as at the advanced level and help you attract targeted traffic to the site. Webydo also allows you to integrate analytic features such as Google Analytics and webmaster ensuring that you can keep a track on the performance of the site and initiate necessary actions.
  • Ecommerce – Creating an online store is considered to be one of the biggest challenges for the designers and Webydo has made it easy by integrating Ecwid. It is a full-featured cloud-based store builder that applies to all platforms – web, mobile and social site. You can judge its success by the fact that it is being used in 175 countries and powering more than 30000 online stores.
  • Attractive Pricing – There are two distinct pricing plans – Free and Premium. In the Free plan you can host your site on Webydo’s sub-domain and create as many as 15 pages. You also benefit from unlimited bandwidth and get 1GB of storage space.3333333Under the Premium Plan you can host the site on your custom domain and 2GB storage space. You can create unlimited number of pages and also benefit from unlimited download. It comes with a price tag of $9.90/ month if billed biannually or $7.90/ month when billed annually.

Webydo empowers designers and cuts down the cost involved in a project substantially.  The patent pending code generator automatically converts design elements into a W3C valid code, making this platform stand above the rest of the competitors currently on the market. Plus, it is even easier than ever before to create a responsive website.


Developed by a team of professional designers who wanted to overcome the problems with manual coding Webydo allows designers to transform their ideas into visually pleasing and functionally dynamic websites. Ecommerce, community networks, corporate websites you name it all of these can be easily created using this platform. As a designer all you need to focus on is designing the website and it will be automatically converted into W3C compliant HTML codes. All sites created are mobile friendly and cross browser compatible.


Webydo already is catering to more than 30K professional designers worldwide who have created more than 92K websites, and that number is growing every day. Part of the fun of Webydo, is that the future of this B2B site creator is decided on by the designers community who are voting on new features to be added from the Participate page. Join today free & experience the creative freedom of Webydo.

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