Fall is upon us and with its arrival comes all the fall colors, smells and treats that so many look forward to all year. There are all the pumpkin spice delicacies, the changing leaves, bundling up in warm cozy fall clothing, and the excitement that the holiday season is just around the corner.

Photo by Design Works International

If you’re like the majority of Americans, you likely spend a lot of time looking at your mobile devices and computer during the span of the day. With that in mind, why not use them as a vehicle to celebrate this time of the year and help you to get into the fall spirit. We’ve come across a fabulous and free fall-themed wallpaper for your devices that are sure to get you in the mood of the season.

Get Pumped for Pumpkins

It’s time to get PUMPed for PUMPKINS with this cute and whimsical fall-themed wallpaper from Design Works Intl. The theme of the wallpaper is “pumpkin party” and by that, it means there are a whole lot of gorgeous pumpkins to enjoy. The wallpaper itself features various colors of pumpkins – white, orange, and green – all staples of the fall season. There are also green vines and lovely soft mossy background that stands out against the large white backdrop.

The design team got their inspiration while exploring the streets of New York City and realized there was a real shortage of traditional looking pumpkins. There were plenty of striped and unique varieties out there, but lacking was the standard solid orange pumpkins.

What’s really great is that this comes as a full set for your desktop, iPad, and iPhone, so all your devices can showcase the same fun theme.

Design Works Intl is based in Manhattan and has been around for more than 30 years, pumping out fun, original, and on-point artwork.

Looking for More Fabulous Fall-Themed Content?

So, if the pumpkin wallpaper isn’t enough and you’re looking for more fall-themed content, then you can always perform a quick search online to find what you’re after. There are plenty of wallpapers that feature photography of typical fall nature scenes, fall foliage in different, animals preparing for winter, and original artwork.The predominant themes among the free options tend to be leaves and pumpkins.

If you don’t like the idea of having the same wallpaper across all your devices, then you can always pick a different theme/set for each one. As well, you can change up the look of your devices pretty much on a daily basis since there is so much free content available.

Get Into the Spirit of Fall

Fall is always a very special time of year, between the beauty of the changing season, the excitement of the upcoming holidays, and that general contentment in the air, so why not let get into the spirit even more by displaying it on your mobile devices. With so many free wallpapers to choose from, fall is awesome!

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