25 Stunning Cartoon Wallpapers for your Desktop

“Cartoon” is one of the enchanting things that brings us back to our childhood for few moments. There is a hidden magical power inside these cartoons to make kids and elders sit and watch at them for hours.

Cartoons are very enjoyable. In this post we have collected 25 Stunning Cartoon Wallpapers. The reason behind this post is that most of the young ones want to set cartoon backgrounds on their computers, laptops and are unable to find some really good ones, so here we are with our cartoon wallpapers collection!

 1. Cartoonish Breads and Pastry Characters Wallpapers

Cartoonish Breads and Pastry Characters Wallpapers

2. Marching on Water, Adorable Kitty Painting

Marching on Water, Adorable Kitty Painting

3. King Polar Bear in Its Snowy World

King Polar Bear in Its Snowy World

4. Jet Wallpaper

Jet Wallpaper

5. Little Shen

Little Shen

6. Flamingo


7. Fantasy Female CG Character HD Desktop Wallpapers

Fantasy Female CG Character HD Desktop Wallpapers

8. Monster Wallpaper – 01

Monster Wallpaper – 01

9. Raiki Boy

Raiki Boy

10. Halloween on a Little Planet

Halloween on a Little Planet

11. Monkey Relaxing in Deckchair

Monkey Relaxing in Deckchair

12. Mesmerized


13. Cartoon Charaters

Cartoon Charaters

14. Spider TV

Spider TV

15. Tools For The Job

Tools For The Job

16. Alice and Her Dragon Skiing

Alice and Her Dragon Skiing

17. Robots In Love

Robots In Love

18. Ben 10

Ben 10

19. Popsicle


20. Los Hunters

Los Hunters

21. Shrimpy Cuttlefish

Shrimpy Cuttlefish

22. Assembling Mobile Suit

Assembling Mobile Suit

23. Stafyface Luvs U Wallpaper

Stafyface Luvs U Wallpaper

24. If We Kissed

If We Kissed

25. The Octopus

The Octopus

I hope you will enjoy these cartoon wallpapers. All of these images are linked to its original source. Your comments will be helpful to improve our compilations in future.

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