Starting a blog can be quite profitable if you start to attract consistent traffic with your content. The fact that content comes in so many forms gives the blogger the ability to express themselves via a plethora of mediums. Hosting a website and building its SEO metrics along with traffic numbers will rely on a myriad of factors. 

A website’s reputation can be compromised by different things like malware or bad customer service. It’s always important for you to actively be building your online reputation after you launch your guide (to learn more about starting a blog, check out this DreamHost guide). The following are a few of the many ways to build up your blog’s reputation and membership.

Content Marketing

The content on a blog is the most important factor in having your blog recognized as a thought leader on a topic or in an industry. Start reaching out to well-known writers that can be recruited to become consistent contributors; this will not only yield more traffic, but help build your blog’s reputation as a reliable resource. 

Your team should also be doing outreach on a daily basis in order to find opportunities to write for other sites in the industry. This will not only help as far as reputation goes but it will help the blog rank for industry terms which can be valuable when it comes to partnering with companies. Content marketing can happen on your blog as well as great content tends to be shared around industry blogs.

Partnering With Favorable Businesses

Partnering with businesses that are well-known and respected can benefit a blog immensely. Companies of all sizes do this as these enterprise relationships can be mutually beneficial down the road. Blogs might not always have the opportunities to partner with businesses but this doesn’t mean they cannot partner with other blogs. Blogs that are partnered can generate great content across website and have multiple readerships to gain traffic from. This doesn’t just mean putting them in a blogroll but rather sharing ad revenue and promoting each other’s content and contests.  By partnering with trusted names it becomes an easy way to gain credibility among a vast amount of people who recognize the trusted name.

Use Your Website To Humanize The Employees 

Readers want to know who is behind the musings of a blog as knowing the authors can make a post better in some respects. Use the blog posts or a section of the blog to let readers know a bit about the blog team. This can be a great place to highlight accomplishments along with things like pet peeves. Companies usually have a “Meet The Team” section on their website in an effort to shed the image of being a soulless corporation. Not all articles need to be in the most serious tone as humor can shine with some employees and their writings. Personal stories and posts can be helpful but make sure not to saturate the content calendar with these as the readers are still looking to read valuable insight and information.

Invite Thought Leaders To Join Posts or Podcasts

Inviting a thought leader in an industry to contribute a blog post or be a part of a podcast can be tricky. There will be those people who will join you for a fee and those that will do it for the exposure. Weekly podcasts or posts from a guest can be a great way to attract people each week to see what will be new on the blog. During the podcasts allow members of the site to ask questions via social media to engage them in what is being talked about. Engaging with readers and listeners is a perfect way to build a sense of community as well as gain notoriety in an industry.

Starting a blog is easy, getting that blog to be respected in a niche is a bit more difficult. Use the above tips in order to turn your blog into a thought leader in an industry. This will be more profitable than you could have ever imagined!

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