Selecting the Perfect WordPress Theme: How to Get Started

One of the main reasons why WordPress has become one of the most popular platforms used by a range of website owners and bloggers is that there are literally thousands of different themes for users to choose from. Along with the standard free or paid options which can be chosen when you set up your blog or site with the built-in customizer, premium customers can also enjoy a range of external themes, both pre-made and made to order. But, with so many great themes to choose from for your blog or website, how do you know that you’re choosing the right one? We’ve put together some top tips to help you make sure that you pick the perfect WordPress theme.


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WordPress Themes

If you’ve only just learned how to create a blog and are still getting your head around things, going with one of the free themes offered by WordPress can be a great start. Remember, there will always be time in the future to update the theme of your website or blog, or upgrade your WordPress membership. In the meantime, whilst you are getting used to blogging on WordPress, there is a wide range of different free of charge themes which you can choose from.

Responsive Design

In order to ensure that your website or blog is successful, you’ll need to ensure that it encourages good SEO. No matter how awesome a theme may look on your browser, if it doesn’t look just as good and work just as well when viewed on any other device, such as a tablet or smartphone. When looking for the perfect theme for your website or blog, it’s important to make sure that you avoid any themes which aren’t marked as being responsive. Having a responsive web design means that users will be able to use and navigate the site just as well no matter which device they use, as the design will be responsive to this.


When choosing your WordPress theme, don’t forget to take into consideration the plugins which you may want to use for your website or blog. For example, there are a range of great plugins which can be used in order to improve the SEO of your site, and one of the best things about these handy tools is that they don’t usually require the user to have any prior knowledge at all of coding or web development, and are easy to use. It’s good to have an idea of the type of plugins that you’re hoping to eventually add to your WordPress site, as this will help you to narrow your theme choices down to those which support them.

With so many WordPress themes out there to choose from, whether it be a simple, free design or a custom, tailored premium design, it’s no surprise that choosing just one can be a difficult task. Thankfully, making sure that you make the right choice when it comes to your WordPress theme is easy when you know how.