You’ve probably heard a lot about the powers of WordPress, particularly if you’re a subscriber to this blog. It’s one of the most widely used platforms for building a personal or business website with thousands of themes and plugins at your disposal. It’s also a very simple setup, which means pretty much anyone can get their website business up and running.

We often think about WordPress as a fairly basic website hosting platform, but with the right plugins, it can also be a great platform for business management. If you’re interested in controlling your business from an online management perspective, here are some plugin suggestions:


The WordPress-to-Lead plugin is an application of Salesforce, which is probably the most common CRM solution we know. Businesses of all sizes use this plugin to manage leads that can be fed directly to your Salesforce account. It’s an excellent resource for gathering data.

It’s nice that you can connect to Salesforce through your WordPress site because Salesforce connects to many other applications as well. For example, it integrates easily with Dialpad, which is an all-encompassing communication tool that many businesses use to improve efficiency and productivity in their processes.

Rumor has it that Salesforce is working on integrating this plugin into their original Salesforce interface so that you don’t need two different tools to accomplish one task. But for now, WordPress-to-Lead is a useful integrative platform.


WP ERP is an open source HR solution that focuses on managing staff for smoother operations. It’s very easy to navigate and to collect daily stats. The homepage is a calendar and workday overview so you can manage announcements and your work calendar. You’ll also have all the details of employees in one place, which is easily searchable and customizable. You can set up individual employee pages to help you keep track of team members and their information.

The kinds of connections and understanding this ability provides is unmatched. You can deepen relationships with staff members and build teams that excellent businesses are built on.

WP-Client Pro with PM Extension

This premium plugin updates regularly so that it constantly works well with your business. The newest version comes with a PM extension, which business managers love for its ability to manage clients and perform simple billing functions. It’s a great tool for enterprises that regularly hire contractors and need to invoice to internal staff.

WP-Client Pro is perhaps most loved for its ability to control internal processes. Team members easily collaborate with others, sharing details on projects, marking completion, tracking time, and paying invoices. It’s a simple productivity tool built right into your company website.


For a tool that offers project management, CRM, and intranet features, Orbis is ideal. When installed, you’re granted comprehensive management of companies, contractors, projects, and communication.

There’s also time tracking and invoicing if you install Orbis Tasks and Orbis Timesheets.  It’s a fairly new plugin, but it’s growing in popularity. It’s been recently updated and there are promises for more features in the future.

Who doesn’t love the ability to control multiple aspects of a business from a single application? System integration through plugins saves time and money, offering a useful system to help your business grow.

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