Get inspired: 10 Great Summer Tattoo Designs

Tribal Sun Petal Band

As the warm weather is already starting to show up, we can feel the scent of summer already in the air and most of us are probably dreaming about the freedom of movement given by the few clothes and the energy given by the sun. A lot of skin is …

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Extremely Realistic Tattoos by Yomico Moreno

1_Realistic Tattoos by Yomico Moreno

I am really surprised to see these beautiful and extremely realistic muscle tissue and biomech tattoos by Yomico Moreno. Moreno became interested in tattooing at the age of 14 and since then has dedicated his life to it. He says that his favorite style is realism because it’s the most …

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Tattoos by Marie Kraus

1_Tattoos by Marie Kraus

Marie Kraus is a tattooer artist based in Brno, Czech Republic. This post is about beautiful geometrical tattoos by her depicting the dynamism and energy. Her unconventional tattooing style involves breaking up her figures into geometric planes and accenting them with gestural strokes of black. You can find her working …

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25 Beautiful Ring Finger Tattoo Designs

1_Stefania’s Tattoo

Tattoos are the most popular and trendy fashion that is designed by peoples on their different body parts like hands, knuckles, foot, fingers, etc. Ring Finger Tattoos are the type of tattoos which are engraved on the ring finger in different fashions. Ring finger tattoos enjoy a huge popularity among …

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