So, you have decided to use videos in your marketing. That’s a strong move in your marketing efforts looking into how much people love watching videos online. According to the statistics of Invideo, 55% of people love to watch videos online daily (Source: WebFX). Visuals attract common people more than textual descriptions in today’s online marketing as it is easier to grab information from visuals for the audience. There are various platforms to run your video marketing; among them, one of the best video platforms is YouTube.

If you are in doubt then here are statistics to prove the above word, as per Invideo 65% of the audience preferred YouTube to watch their favorite videos. Moreover, today, more than 1 billion hours of videos are watched on YouTube every day (Source: WebFX). Thus, it’s a great idea to take your business to YouTube for the best outcomes. Many businesses are even embedding YouTube videos into your website for better conversion.

However, if you want good responses to your branded videos on YouTube then you need to master YouTube SEO. It’s the SEO behind your YouTube videos to be searchable and reach your channel to more people. If you end up with this article then stay with it to the end as it is going to cover everything about YouTube SEO and will share strategies for the best result.

Now we’ll proceed right now.

What Do You Understand By YouTube SEO?

Before anything else let’s get a basic introduction to YouTube SEO then it will be easier for you to understand the rest of the article.

The videos that are ranking better on YouTube SEO is the biggest factor for them and it’s not only video but the YouTube channel as well. The whole process of optimizing your YouTube channel and its videos for better search results is YouTube SEO. However, it’s not just limited to that there are various strategies behind strong YouTube SEO to bring more traffic to your channel. When you follow YouTube SEO properly then your video will reach more to your targeted audience which will bring conversion and will boost your sales rate as well.

Understand The Workings Of YouTube SEO

After the basics, it is time to delve into understanding how YouTube SEO works. It is something different from regular SEO. The search engine YouTube doesn’t exactly read the videos, they crawl through the textual details of the videos like, caption, description, title, tags, and transcripts. So, you must keep each of the details optimized.

To optimize, take into use the relevant and industry-relevant keywords in the textual parts of your YouTube videos. Keywords are the key components to be included in the strategy of your YouTube SEO. Moreover, regular optimization of the elements will help you to maintain the quality of your video, making it more engaging and improving the experience of your viewers.

Your YouTube videos can make it to the top of the search results if they reach a wider audience and it hits the YouTube algorithm.

The Strategies To Follow For Your YouTube SEO

So, from the above discussion, you must understand what YouTube SEO is and how it works. Now it is time to dive deep into it so that you can exactly know how to make YouTube SEO work for your videos. Below are some SEO strategies shared with you for your YouTube videos following which you can help your videos to reach the top of the search results.

1. Keyword research

Important things first which is keyword research that helps you to know the interest of your audience and will further help you in creating great content for your YouTube channel. You can do keyword research simply by typing a particular term from your industry on the YouTube search bar. This is a great strategy to understand what your real viewers are looking for in your YouTube videos.

It is not only that you have to copy that particular topic from the keyword research. You have the opportunity to explore different topics from that particular topic and be able to see what are the other keyword opportunities. Moreover, keywords matter for the ranking of your videos by using them throughout the content of your YouTube videos.

2. Next comes hashtags

If you aim to bring traffic to your YouTube videos then hashtags will work great for your branded videos. Use the hashtags on the contents of your YouTube video like the titles, descriptions, and other places. Like social media platforms, hashtags play the same role on YouTube platforms.

Hashtags make your YouTube videos searchable so when your audience searches for a particular topic on YouTube if your videos have the same hashtags your videos will appear in their search result. Make sure not to use too many hashtags in your video content as it may mark your videos spammy.

3. Do not forget to optimize video titles and descriptions

The titles and descriptions of your YouTube videos are very important spaces so make sure to optimize them. The character limit of the titles of your videos should not be more than 75 characters so choose your words wisely. After that make sure to use relevant keywords in the titles. Form a title that will blow curiosity among your audiences.

Next, the description is the place where a gist detail about your video will be available like a timestamp, introduction to what is in the video, link to your business website, and more. First, make it tempting within 5000 characters, and here also must use keywords. Make sure you are not stuffing keywords.

4. Thumbnails

How can you forget your video thumbnails? It is the second most important element in your YouTube videos after the title. This attracts the audience to click on your video. So, create an appealing thumbnail for your video that brings clicks. Use bold colors, bold text, highlight the title that will be eye-catching, etc. It must define the identity of your brand so design it in that way and keep the professional essence.

Over To You

No doubt like other platforms SEO is an important factor for YouTube as well this will take your videos to the top of search results. Moreover, YouTube SEO helps to reach your videos to a wider audience for all these you need to learn the strategies.

This is a short guide to understanding the whole process of optimizing your YouTube channel for better search results. This article also defines to you how YouTube SEO. Now that you know about YouTube SEO start working on it for better reach of your videos and optimize your whole YouTube channel.

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