35 Creative Anti Smoking Ads

Smoking is dangerous and injurious to health and millions of people deprived of their life due to this habit. There are lot of creative ads about Anti-smoking in order to create awareness among people. Messages among these ads are clear indication of worse results – if the habit of smoking continues.

Let have a look on these highly creative anti smoking ads and you may be interested in our other posts on Fashion Brochure Designs, Creative Pillow Designs, CG Portraits and 3D Interior Design.

1. Anti-smoking - Big Smoke

1_Anti-smoking - Big Smoke

Anti-smoking - Big Smoke

2. Burn Life

2_Burn Life

Burn Life

3. Anti Smoking

3_Anti Smoking

Anti Smoking

4. Anti-smoking



5. Anti-smoking - Ambient Branding

5_Anti-smoking - Ambient Branding

Anti-smoking - Ambient Branding

6. The Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation - Deathbed

6_The Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation - Deathbed

The Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation - Deathbed

7. The Smoke

7_The Smoke

The Smoke

8. Smoking Kills

8_Smoking Kills

Smoking Kills

9. Anti-smoking - Gun

9_Anti-smoking - Gun

Anti-smoking - Gun

10. Graphic Design - Anti Smoking

10_Graphic Design - Anti Smoking

Graphic Design - Anti Smoking

11. Anti Smoking Poster

11_Anti Smoking Poster

Anti Smoking Poster

12. Stop



13. Anti-smoking



14. Shisha Kills

14_Shisha Kills

Shisha Kills

15. Where Magazine - Smoking kills

15_Where Magazine - Smoking kills

Where Magazine - Smoking kills

16. The Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation, Passive Smoking - Shotgun

16_The Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation, Passive Smoking - Shotgun

The Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation, Passive Smoking - Shotgun

17. Anti-smoking



18. Anti-smoking Ad

18_Anti-smoking Ad

Anti-smoking Ad

19. Smoking is Suicide Gun

19_Smoking is Suicide Gun

Smoking is Suicide Gun

20. Smoking - Lung

20_Smoking - Lung

Smoking - Lung

21. Anti Smoking Campaign2

21_Anti Smoking Campaign2

Anti Smoking Campaign2

22. Smoking Kills

22_Smoking Kills

Smoking Kills

23. No Smoking

23_No Smoking

No Smoking

24. Smoking Kills Slowly

24_Smoking Kills Slowly

Smoking Kills Slowly

25. Anti-smoking Ad

25_Anti-smoking Ad

Anti-smoking Ad

26. Antismoke Pack

26_Antismoke Pack

Antismoke Pack

27. Anti Smoking Campaign3

27_Anti Smoking Campaign3

Anti Smoking Campaign3

28. Anti-smoking Ad

28_Anti-smoking Ad

Anti-smoking Ad

29. No Games For Smokers

29_No Games For Smokers

No Games For Smokers

30. Smoking Kills

30_Smoking Kills

Smoking Kills

31. Slow Death

31_Slow Death

Slow Death

32. Smoking Kills

32_Smoking Kills

Smoking Kills

33. Anti Smoking Help Line - Suicide

33_Anti Smoking Help Line - Suicide

Anti Smoking Help Line - Suicide

34. Anti SMoking Poster

34_Anti SMoking Poster

Anti SMoking Poster

35. No Smoking

35_No Smoking

No Smoking

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