30 Fresh Examples Of Sticker Designs

Either we talk about to decorate kid’s lunch boxes or to conduct effective promotional campaigns, stickers are considered to be one of the finest tool that we can go for. Isn’t fun to stick something in your bed room wall, office desk, laptops and other surfaces that you find decorative enough with your stickers.

Sticker is one way to promote your business, it could be a printed logo or any information about your business to attract your client and to deliver it in a fun way. This has made sticker printing one of the most popular printing services.

A creative designing, efficient printing and proper marketing skills can bring this source as the most effective source of advertising. Hope that these examples of creative and fresh sticker designs will inspire you for your own creative works.

1. UrbanWebzine Sticker

1_UrbanWebzine Sticker

UrbanWebzine Sticker

2. Stickers



3. Dress Claudia

3_Dress Claudia

Dress Claudia

4. Boring Bag Series 2 Sticker

4_Boring Bag Series 2 Sticker

Boring Bag Series 2 Sticker

5. Be



6. Ras Design Sticker

6_Ras Design Sticker

Ras Design Sticker

7. Yums Zombike

7_Yums Zombike

Yums Zombike

8. Loulou & Tummie Identity

8_Loulou & Tummie Identity

Loulou & Tummie Identity

9. Boring Bag Series 2 Sticker

9_Boring Bag Series 2 Sticker

Boring Bag Series 2 Sticker

10. City Slickers Exhibition Cape Town

10_City Slickers Exhibition Cape Town

City Slickers Exhibition Cape Town

11. Royale Airforce

11_Royale Airforce

Royale Airforce


02 atomica.indd

13. Baked Goods and Booze

13_Baked Goods and Booze

Baked Goods and Booze

14. Sticker Design

14_Sticker Design

Sticker Design

15. Wear Your Soundtrack

15_Wear Your Soundtrack

Wear Your Soundtrack

16. Episco



17. Stickers



18. Baked Goods and Booze

18_Baked Goods and Booze

Baked Goods and Booze

19. Stickys



20. Creative Band

20_Creative Band

Creative Band

21. Cool Sticker Designs

21_Cool Sticker Designs

Cool Sticker Designs

22. Design Month 2011

22_Design Month 2011

Design Month 2011

23. Yeti Stickers

23_Yeti Stickers

Yeti Stickers

24. Free Range Oxford - Rebrand

24_Free Range Oxford - Rebrand

Free Range Oxford - Rebrand

25. Stickers from Trick Images

25_Stickers from Trick Images

Stickers from Trick Images

26. SC Ross

26_SC Ross

SC Ross

27. Stickers on Scraps

27_Stickers on Scraps

Stickers on Scraps

28. Stikalicious App Project

28_Stikalicious App Project

Stikalicious App Project

29. Loulou and Tummie identity

29_Loulou and Tummie identity

Loulou and Tummie identity

30. Vinyl Munch Stickers

30_Vinyl Munch Stickers

Vinyl Munch Stickers

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