50 Examples of Typographic Portraits

Typography is an essential part of any design – The art of arranging letters of different size and presenting them in a manner that they are readable and giving a look of figure like human face is termed as Typographic Portraits. We all know “A picture is worth a thousand words” and frankly, a typography portrait is picture of words worth.

Here is a showcase of typographic portraits, let have a look and you may be interested in our other articles on Anti Smoking Ads, Fashion Brochure Designs, Pillow Designs and 3D Interior Design.

1. Screaming



2. Albert Einstein Typography

2_Albert Einstein Typography

Albert Einstein Typography

3. Erik Spiekermann

3_Erik Spiekermann

Erik Spiekermann

4. Typographic Portrait

4_Typographic Portrait

Typographic Portrait

5. Bob Marley-Exodus

5_Bob Marley-Exodus

Bob Marley-Exodus

6. Self Portrait

6_Self Portrait

Self Portrait

7. Utada Hikaru Typo Portrait

7_Utada Hikaru Typo Portrait

Utada Hikaru Typo Portrait

8. Type Face

8_Type Face

Type Face

9. Technologic-Daft Punk

9_Technologic-Daft Punk

Technologic-Daft Punk

10. Type Chosen

10_Type Chosen

Type Chosen

11. Hendrix Mod

11_Hendrix Mod

Hendrix Mod

12. Einstein Word Portrait

12_Einstein Word Portrait

Einstein Word Portrait

13. Dark



14. Typography Portraits

14_Typography Portraits

Typography Portraits

15. Grammy’s Posters

15_Grammy’s Posters

Grammy’s Posters

16. John Lennon in Type

16_John Lennon in Type

John Lennon in Type

17. Lady Gaga Typography

17_Lady Gaga Typography

Lady Gaga Typography

18. Type Face

18_Type Face

Type Face

19. Lyric Portrait 2nd Attempt

19_Lyric Portrait 2nd Attempt

Lyric Portrait 2nd Attempt

20. Fool-Textural



21. Dr. Jose Rizal

21_Dr. Jose Rizal

Dr. Jose Rizal

22. Typographic Retro

22_Typographic Retro

Typographic Retro

23. A Man of His Word

23_A Man of His Word

A Man of His Word

24. My Portrait

24_My Portrait

My Portrait

25. Typography



26. Weiland Type

26_Weiland Type

Weiland Type

27. Portrait



28. Typography



29. Michael Jackson, Text Portrait

29_Michael Jackson, Text Portrait

Michael Jackson, Text Portrait

30. Lyric Portrait

30_Lyric Portrait

Lyric Portrait

31. Springsteen Type

31_Springsteen Type

Springsteen Type

32. Love Song

32_Love Song

Love Song

33. FACE - Finah

33_FACE - Finah

FACE - Finah

34. Say Hello To My Little Font

34_Say Hello To My Little Font

Say Hello To My Little Font

35. Slavocracy



36. Redemption Song-Bob Marley

36_Redemption Song-Bob Marley

Redemption Song-Bob Marley

37. Darth Vader-The Sith Lord

37_Darth Vader-The Sith Lord

Darth Vader-The Sith Lord

38. The Dream - Martin Luther King

38_The Dream - Martin Luther King

The Dream - Martin Luther King

39. Lennon Portrait

39_Lennon Portrait

Lennon Portrait

40. Beauty Of Sound

40_Beauty Of Sound

Beauty Of Sound

41. As You Type, So Shall You Be

41_As You Type, So Shall You Be

As You Type, So Shall You Be

42. Last Days of Lady Day

42_Last Days of Lady Day

Last Days of Lady Day

43. 51st Grammy Portraits

43_51st Grammy Portraits

51st Grammy Portraits

44. Reznor Type Portrait - Gig Poster

44_Reznor Type Portrait - Gig Poster

Reznor Type Portrait - Gig Poster

45. Warhol's Revenge

45_Warhol's Revenge

Warhol's Revenge

46. Scarlett I. Johansson

46_Scarlett I. Johansson

Scarlett I. Johansson

47. Typography Self Portrait

47_Typography Self Portrait

Typography Self Portrait

48. Typographic Portraits

48_Typographic Portraits

Typographic Portraits

49. Typography



50. Je t'aime

50_Je t'aime

Je t'aime

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