20 Unique Examples of Plastic Business Cards

Business cards are a means of passing on your contact details to potential partners or customers. It is a traditional tool of the trade that cannot be overlooked despite how small and insignificant it might appear to be. It usually bears the information about your business and company or individual. To have a unique, creative and striking design of your business card is important for people to remember.

In this post, you will find our collection of 20 Striking and Unique Plastic Business Cards for your inspiration. Check this out if you would like to be creative in designing your own business card. Be amazed!

1. Accent



2. Vojvodina Business Cards

2_Vojvodina Business Cards

Vojvodina Business Cards

3. Translucent Photographer Business Card V2

3_Translucent Photographer Business Card V2

Translucent Photographer Business Card V2

4. Neowiz



5. 20PT Frosted Plastic Business Cards

5_20PT Frosted Plastic Business Cards

20PT Frosted Plastic Business Cards

6. Plastica Business Card

6_Plastica Business Card

Plastica Business Card

7. Silver Oak Transportation

7_Silver Oak Transportation

Silver Oak Transportation

8. Tamiya



9. Business Card by Xenocom

9_Business Card by Xenocom

Business Card by Xenocom

10. Biglietti Da Visita, Business Cards

10_Biglietti Da Visita, Business Cards

Biglietti Da Visita, Business Cards

11. Transparent Plastic Business Cards

11_Transparent Plastic Business Cards

Transparent Plastic Business Cards

12. Work Labs

12_Work Labs

Work Labs

13. Biglietti Da Visita

13_Biglietti Da Visita

Biglietti Da Visita

14. ArK



15. Viewzi



16. NDL



17. Domo Approves of our Lunch Choice

17_Domo Approves of our Lunch Choice

Domo Approves of our Lunch Choice

18. WCmax Group Business Card

18_WCmax Group Business Card

WCmax Group Business Card

19. Helix



20. Sample Business Card

20_Sample Business Card

Sample Business Card

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