30 Vintage Postcard Designs For Inspiration

Despite the spreading use of digital media, printed postcard is still one of the greatest promotional tool for your organizations, sales or other special events. Postcard provides a larger canvas than a business card, without being too large to carry.

Today, the post is about a collection of vintage postcard designs to make you inspired for your next postcard printing campaign and to spark your designing skills in creating such extraordinary artworks whereas people will love it truly despite of the couple of years and decades passed.

1. Vintage Postcards from Colonia de Sacramento

30_Vintage Postcards from Colonia de Sacramento

Vintage Postcards from Colonia de Sacramento

2. New York World's Fair 1964-1965

2_New York World's Fair 1964-1965

New York World's Fair 1964-1965

3. Vintage Thanksgiving Postcard

3_Vintage Thanksgiving Postcard

Vintage Thanksgiving Postcard

4. Equality For Everyone

4_Equality For Everyone

Equality For Everyone

5. Vintage Postcard Save-the-Dates

5_Vintage Postcard Save-the-Dates

Vintage Postcard Save-the-Dates

6. Postcard - Bolzano - Vedutine - 1956

6_Postcard - Bolzano - Vedutine - 1956

Postcard - Bolzano - Vedutine - 1956

7. For Many Reasons

11_For Many Reasons

For Many Reasons

8. Postcard From Nippon

8_Postcard From Nippon

Postcard From Nippon

9. Vintage Thanksgiving Day Postcard

9_Vintage Thanksgiving Day Postcard

Vintage Thanksgiving Day Postcard

10. Thread on Vintage Postcard

10_Thread on Vintage Postcard

Thread on Vintage Postcard

11. Vintage Postcard

1_Vintage Postcard

Vintage Postcard

12. Postcard



13. Vintage Thanksgiving Postcard

13_Vintage Thanksgiving Postcard

Vintage Thanksgiving Postcard

14. QueensPlaza Vintage Postcards

14_QueensPlaza Vintage Postcards

QueensPlaza Vintage Postcards

15. Humpty



16. Vintage Hollywood

16_Vintage Hollywood

Vintage Hollywood

17. Pavilion of France at Expo '67

17_Pavilion of France at Expo '67

Pavilion of France at Expo '67

18. Vintage Postcard

18_Vintage Postcard

Vintage Postcard

19. Happy Spring

19_Happy Spring

Happy Spring

20. Vintage Postcard Stonehenge

20_Vintage Postcard Stonehenge

Vintage Postcard Stonehenge

21. Vintage Postcard

21_Vintage Postcard

Vintage Postcard

22. Love



23. Vintage Tinted Postcard Lady 6

23_Vintage Tinted Postcard Lady 6

Vintage Tinted Postcard Lady 6

24. Vintage Postcard

24_Vintage Postcard

Vintage Postcard

25. Great Horned Owl Postcard

25_Great Horned Owl Postcard

Great Horned Owl Postcard

26. Vintage Postcards

26_Vintage Postcards

Vintage Postcards

27. Vintage



28. Vintage Handcrafted Postcards

28_Vintage Handcrafted Postcards

Vintage Handcrafted Postcards

29. Vintage Couple

29_Vintage Couple

Vintage Couple

30. Vintage Postcard

7_Vintage Postcard

Vintage Postcard

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