One thing that has remained consistent is branding. From Instagram to Twitter, we all love to watch content, which, of course, has given birth to VoD apps or save live streams. So herein, we are going to discuss some of the best live streaming platforms of 2023.

Since the advent of the online world, there has been a change in the branding & advertising genre. We have started to go all out with our online presence & brand image and, thus, leaving some of the traditional methods of ad behind.

In the overcrowded space of brands online, one has the constant need to stay relevant and focused on the target audience. To do so, an SME or enterprise has to come up front to showcase the product or service.

One needs to be accessible and fast to reach a maximum number of audience with their offerings. There are many kinds of live stream platforms:

  • You can broadcast yourself via downloading software, apps for tablets and phones, or websites that can be accessed from your browser.
  • Live streaming on social media platforms is becoming more and more common. They have a wide audience and feature live streamers who provide a variety of entertainment, including gaming, music, and discussion, as well as motivational speeches.
  • Some sites cater to the specific material. For live streams geared towards business, check out LinkedIn Live. Twitch, on the other hand, gives gamers and other content producers a more relaxed environment.

Now, let’s dig into the best livestream genres to get more accurate details on the platforms.

6 Top Live Streaming Platforms in 2023

#1 LinkedIn Live

You need to be a member or have a page with more than 150 followers in order to broadcast on LinkedIn Live. This website is a fantastic resource for networking with other experts. Even if you can’t livestream directly from LinkedIn, introducing yourself there gives your brand or establishment a face. You’ll need a bespoke stream (RTMP) or a third-party broadcast tool to go live on LinkedIn.

What are its main features?

  • It allows a good blend of live videos with events
  • Advertise your broadcast via LinkedIn Live
  • Robust analytics
  • Schedule streams
  • Add a form for event attendees with details of the event

#2 Vimeo

This is one of the most popular VoD streaming apps. It broadcasts high-resolution video with a feature of ad-free video. It gives many other features that help to mix video and also make your branding solid. One can also avail of real-time feedback with efficient performance across devices.

What are its main features?

  • Editable logo and on-screen visuals
  • Using Livestream Studio to switch between feeds and mix the audio
  • Streaming preview
  • Password-protected streams.
  • Monitor stream health

#3 Instagram

How can we exclude Instagram from the list? The best live broadcaster of the digital world. It has all kinds of features, from real-time video to reels and many other engaging advertising options. It is a hub for modern-day audience reach; use it wisely and get your firm to a new branding height.

What are its main features?

  • Schedule live broadcasts
  • Download gallery stream
  • Chat via live broadcast
  • Live icon on your streaming story 

These are the top three VoD streaming platforms. There are many others, like Twitter, TikTok, Dacast, etc., who have managed to sustain the VoD bandwagon. Now, ahead in this blog, we will look into some of the best podcast live-stream software, too. These did give a branch of extension to the VoD streaming app world.

#4 Riverside

Riverside is a platform for recording that includes a flexible, user-friendly live-streaming function. It is simple to broadcast your podcast, webinar, interview, Q&A, gaming, and other content live on Riverside.

The software streams in high-definition 720p video and enables local recording to preserve the quality of your recordings even if your internet connection falters. After that, you can download songs with up to 4K resolution for professional results.

What are its key features?

  • Multi-platform streaming
  • Edit streams with the text document
  • Magic clips tool
  • Chatbox
  • Live stream share
  • Presentation recorder

#5 PodBean

On PodBean, you can create and sell podcasts. You may post your live show on social media after quickly and easily setting up a live broadcast on your computer or using the PodBean app. You can gain new followers and PodPoints, a digital currency that can be exchanged for real money, by streaming live.

What are its main features?

  • Do a podcast recording.
  • Put some background music and sound effects
  • Allow live calls from listeners with queries
  • Put administrators on your livestream

#6 Listen App

With its audio-based platform, ListenApp is a unique one for connecting podcasters with their listeners. This software is perfect for smaller podcasts with focused or specialist audiences since it allows listeners to engage in discussion. You may host live podcast events with ListenApp, where people can tune in to your broadcast. Additionally, you can create forums for user comments and earn money from subscribers.

What are its main features?

  • Subscription model
  • Hangout area to chat with viewers and the host
  • Make audio stories and podcast excerpts.
  • Notification for new episodes


Above mentioned are some of the finest growing live streaming apps and podcast live apps. You need to figure out which VoD stream you are vouching for and get your hands on it by thorough ground research.

A good tech team, along with your ever-growing idea, will help you sustain other competitors. Look out for every VoD app and get to know about its features and functionalities to make your solution better. Embrace the digital opportunities with a great blend of tech and tech experts!

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