The web apps market is expected to reach USD 10 million by 2027. Over the years, web applications have made customer communication effective and efficient. In order to compete with the market, automate processes, store user data, and resolve issues, businesses must choose web app development.

If you are also looking for a definite figure for how much it costs to build a web app on the web and can’t find it, stop the quest and understand the factors that affect web app development cost. Development firms consider a few factors before generating an estimated development cost. For instance, product complexity and uncertainty, features scope, and location of the development team.

Factors Affecting The Web App Development Cost

Since web applications are standard software for all industries, it is important to build it for your business. Partnering with a web application development company is one of the wise decisions businesses should make for improved organizational operations and customer experience.

As mentioned above, a development company considers certain factors before delivering estimated development costs. Let’s move ahead and get an in-depth knowledge regarding them.

Product Complexity

A web application is a necessary software that runs on the web server and is accessed by the users via a website. While a website performs as a static model, a web app works as a dynamic website for the users. Considering the fact that the development process of complex products takes time to ensure error-free and flawless functioning. The complexity of web apps can play an important role in reflected development costs.

Feature Scope

With web app development services, businesses get helpful features that enable them to ensure a streamlined user experience. Features like an information page, search bar, payment integration, user account and management, contact forms, and content management are essential parts of web applications. The decision to integrate basic or complex features depends on the client, but the cost of web app development differs per the requirement.

A simple web app product can cost from USD 5,000 to USD 10,000 with features like information pages, a search bar, and contact forms. Similarly, a web app consisting of basic and complex features like third-party payment integration, content management, and user management costs up to USD 60,000 to USD 200,000. Features list make a huge impact on the web app development cost.

Location of Development Team

The last factor that affects the development cost is the location of your development team. Based on location, regions face varied inflation, market forces, and interest rates that affect the development rates and can benefit your business. For example, if a web application development company will cost you CAD 120 in Canada, it will cost you INR 60 in India. The difference between the two locations varies the development cost and does not provide us with an accurate rate.

Web App Development Cost
CountryYears of ExperienceHourly Rate ($)


Building a web application software for your website is a complex process that requires planning, prototyping, design, development, and testing. The work begins from scratch and requires expertise to create a functional web app. All the factors like product complexity, features to be implemented, and the development process affect the final cost.

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