How Surviving The Internet is Like Surviving in The Wilderness

If you think of the world wide web as a big jungle, it may get a little scary. But, that is basically what it is. It’s a jungle full for competing websites and companies, all looking to attract buyers and followers.

In order to be found in the trees full of other websites, you need to do some things that will make yours stand out among all of those others. And, you also need to make sure that you have the survival items you need to make it out alive. That is where SEO comes in, and although these tactics to get attention from the search engines are often changing, they are the only way to help.

Keywords and Keyphrase

The main things that bring attraction to your website, from the search engines anyway, are the keywords that you use. These are like liferafts for your websites. You need them when you are in the wilderness of the internet just in case you find yourself in some deep water.

Keywords and keyphrases are the things that people punch into the search engine to find what they are looking for, and hopefully find you if you are offering them what they are looking for. The proper use of these is important, because if you are stuffing keywords you’re doing a bad thing and it can make your site look bad and uneducated.

Linking For Attention

Link sharing can be a great way to get found as well. It’s like having the buddy system when you go on a hike in the forest or go swimming in a pond. You link to credible websites that fit the topic of your blog post, and maybe they link back to you. Even if they don’t you are still adding more credibility to your own site.

Using Social Media

Social media is like the watering hole in the wilderness. It’s where all of the wildlife gather together and swaps their stories. In other words, this is where they share links to your website and blog posts, and, if you’re lucky, cause something you’ve posted to go viral.

Social media is a great place to communicate with the people that follow you, and follow your website. It allows you to get on their level.

Keeping It Professional

With things like social media and your blog, you want to make sure you are keeping things as professional as possible. You don’t want to be sneaking up on a bear, and getting your face bit off, Follow the rules of SEO, don’t plagiarize information from other sites, always give credit where credit is due, and don’t post things that aren’t well researched.

Don’t get swallowed in the jungle of websites, stand out like the stripes on a tiger or the spots on a cheetah, and get your site the attention it deserves.