A2 Hosting is a hosting provider that is popularly known for providing high speed and high performance hosting solutions. Recently, A2 Hosting announced a new slate of SSL certificate that is able to increase the trust of visitors, boost in SEO rankings, improving the e-commerce working capabilities, and strengthen the security of websites that helps to prevent sites from cyber-attacks.

The new options that are coming with these slates are very easy to install and more easy to renew the old one. In fact, all the certificates of SSL give all users to access A2 hosting’s Guru Crew Support on every period of time that is available to them 24/7 and all days a year. Users can able to choose between a numbers of SSL brands established including GeoTrust, RapidSSL, Symantec, and Comodo.

These new certificates are generally available in four categories:

  1. Single Site SSL – This one is a basic certificate that offers easy domain verification and an extremely quick SSL issuance.
  2. Premium SSL – This certificate is enhanced all SSL features such as full business verifications and a dynamic site seal for brands and others.
  3. Wildcard SSL – This protects the unlimited subdomains from hacking and failure.
  4. Advanced SSL – This certificate is specially designed for various kind of e-commerce websites.

The wide range of our SSL Certificate options that helps to set up your website and doing business freely and smoothly. Brad Litwin, Company’s Marketing Manager, says that they added that the true value of SSL certificates is to protect users from cyber-attacks or users falling prey to fake sites and to build trust among the company.  Litwin also said we are innovating the web hosting space and helping our clients increase visitor trust and search engine traffic as well as strengthening website security.

Other than the immediate support from the Guru Crew team, all A2 Hosting users also have access to options for the exclusive Turbo Server which offers up to 20 times the speed as we compared with the traditional servers, security processes to keep their account safe, a 99.9% uptime commitment for ultimate reliability that makes the company more trustable, and always the best versions of the most popular development software.

Steps toward Green Hosting to make the SSL more updated and trusted

Tree Plantation – Planting 3-trees for every hosting package service sold to a user during a given month to run special promotions for making the company popular among users.

SSD  Drives – A2 hosting company Is first to offer SSD hosting to their users because we know it well that SSDs consume less energy than a traditional HDDs.

Reduce Waste Trash – The company reduce our waste trash as much as possible with practices like using steel or glass mugs instead of disposable ones which help to make the environment clean.

Telecommuting – Reducing the emission of carbon dioxide from daily commutes to an office and company offer to their employees to work remotely from their homes and try to do carpool to reach office together from time to time.

Trash Old Servers – The company love to recycle their old servers instead of putting it in the trash and use their old hardware as an internal server, dedicated servers for clients with lower resource requirement and resold it to the public.                                      

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