How proficient are you at efficiently ranking a website among the first items on a search engine when a particular phrase is being looked for? If you do not have enough incentive to put your SEO skills to work, Wix has an offer that will most likely draw your attention.

Wix is an online platform based on creating and modifying outstanding websites and digital content, numbering over 90 million customers worldwide as of 2017. In order to prove its SEO capacities, the company is ready and willing to reward anyone who can manage to keep an online article (regardless of the platform used) as the first result on Google when “SEO hero” is searched by a user.

We all know that statistics and probability are not in our favor when there is a huge amount to be won and a big competition ahead, but this one is worth taking into consideration due to the prize money awarded, which is neither more, nor less than $50.000 (no typos) – a slightly uncommon sum for this type of contest.

It is essential to know that Wix will compete along with all the participants. However, that is more of an advantage rather than a drawback. If Wix’s article ranks first on average after 4 months of competition, not only that the company will prove the high quality of its SEO in its users’ eyes, but it will also recompense the second, third and fourth position articles with $8333 each. If your content outranks on average any other website, then you will simply be $50.000 richer and probably be offered some jobs or partnerships from Wix soon afterwards.

SEO Hero Contest is a huge opportunity both for winning cash and for creating better, more valuable content. Practice makes perfect after all. It involves a large mix of relevant buzzworthy content, white hat SEO techniques, opting for the right keywords and plenty of unceasing tests, but the long-term benefit might be vast, even if it is not a monetary one. One of the basic rules of the contest is related to ethics and can be respected by avoiding illicit practices (such as spinning or cloaking) which are described in Google Quality Guidelines.

The words “SEO hero” will be searched by a moderator twice a day on 13th, 14th and 15th of March and the median of the 6 attempts will determine which article ranks first on average. In case of a draw, a seventh search will be done in order to decide who takes the prize.

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